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How to Call Argentina

Two Methods:

Calling a friend, family member, or colleague in Argentina from across the world doesn't have to be complicated. Checking the time difference, your country exit code, the Argentine country code (54), the area code, and knowing the right dialling format will have you calling Argentina in no time. Calling using a landline or cell phone is one way, but there are also many internet-based alternatives to get you connected.


Calling with a Landline or Cell Phone

  1. Press the country code for Argentina (54).The country code for Argentina is 54, which allows calls from outside Argentina to be connected to within. This is dialed  immediately following your country exit code.
    • The digits you would dial so far to contact Argentina are 011-54 if you are calling from the United States or Canada, or 00-54 if you are calling from the United Kingdom.
  2. Add in 9 if you are calling an Argentine cell phone.If the number is for a cell phone, you need to add in 9 after the country code, and before the area code. This will make the full number follow the 011-54-9-xx-xxxx-xxxx format, if you are calling from the United States or Canada.
  3. Find out the city code for the call (11 for Buenos Aires).The 54 Argentina country code is followed by an area/city code. Argentina uses city codes that are between two and four digits long. To find a particular code for your call to Argentina, simply do a quick internet search of “Argentina <city> phone area code”.
    • The area code for the capital city, Buenos Aires, is 11. This means if you were calling from the United States or Canada, the numbers that you would dial begin with 011-54-11. These digits are then followed by the local number.
    • The area codes for other main cities in Argentina are 351 for Cordoba, and 341 for Rosario.
    • Area codes are often already included in the phone number. If a number is in brackets in front of the local number, then that is the area code.
  4. Check the local number that you need to dial.Local numbers in Argentina are eight digits long. This is the direct phone number of the person or company you are contacting.
  5. Remove the 15 if you are calling an Argentine cell phone.You can tell that the number is for a cell phone if it begins with 15. Leave this out when you are calling Argentina internationally.

Exploring Other Ways to Call

  1. Use internet-based calling if you have a smartphone.Making international calls through a phone provider can be expensive, especially if you are calling frequently. However, there are applications for making free calls over the internet using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). You need a smartphone, tablet, or computer, an internet connection, and for both you and the person you are calling to have the same application.
    • The most popular, free applications for internet-based calling are Skype, WhatsApp, and Viber.
    • Use wifi wherever possible for internet-based calling. Using 3G or 4G mobile data to make international calls can make a big dent into your data allowance.
  2. Make a video call if you are calling close family or friends.Video calling gives you the added bonus of face-to-face time. Both you and the recipient will need a webcam and a microphone if using a tablet or computer, and all smartphones will do the trick too.
    • There are many free applications for video calling. These include Skype, FaceTime (for Apple users only), and Viber.
  3. Purchase a calling card if you don't have internet access.International calling cards can sometimes provide you with a better deal than what your phone provider offers. For example, if you don’t have internet access, but you have a landline or mobile with free minutes, then you would pay only the calling card minutes. However if you don’t have unlimited minutes, then you will end up paying for both mobile minutes and calling card minutes, a cost which can accumulate fast.
    • Most convenience stores, supermarkets, and airports sell calling cards. Talk to the store clerk when buying an international calling card. They can help you pick the right one for Argentina, and one that also has good minute to price ratio rates.
    • Some mainstream and popular calling card options for international calls to Argentina are Boss USA and AT&T Virtual Prepaid Minutes.

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  • Check the time difference before you make your call, and avoid calling when the person might be asleep. Argentina uses the ART timezone (Argentina time), and is -3 hours with regards to GMT (Greenwich Meridian Time). For example, New York (GMT -4) is one hour behind Buenos Aires (GMT -3), so if you called at 6:00pm, it would be 7:00pm in Argentina. It is also important to note that there is no DST (Daylight Saving Time) in Argentina.

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