• How to calculate the weight of the child?

    Ivan Orlov
    Ivan Orlov
    December 24, 2012
    How to calculate the weight of the child?

    During the second half of pregnancy, the body weight of the expectant mother begins to increase dramatically. Waiting for the birth of a child, a woman can add to her usual weight from 10 to 20 kg. In this case, pregnant women are interested in the answers to the questions: what is the weight of the baby at the moment, and how to calculate the weight of the child in the womb? It is rather difficult to answer these questions with high accuracy, although certain formulas exist.

    Determination of fetal weight by the formula Jordania

    Determination of the approximate weight of the fetus according to this formula is carried out after 35 weeks of pregnancy. To do this, you need to know only 2 values:

    • abdominal circumference in cm (measurements taken at the level of the navel);
    • VSDM (height of standing of the bottom of the uterus) in cm, which is measured from the top of the bottom of the uterus to the pubic joint.

    The formula itself looks like this: abdominal circumference (cm) x VSDM (cm) = fetal weight (g) +/- 200 g

    Where +/- 200 g - fluctuations in approximate weight. If you have massive bones, then + 200g, if the bone is narrow, then -200 g

    Example.The term of a pregnant woman is 37 weeks. Abdominal circumference - 93 cm, VSDM - 34 cm. Estimated weight of the child 93 x 34 = 3162 g +/- 200 g

    Determination of fetal weight by the formula Yakubova

    Exactly the same data is used in this formula, only here they first add up. How to calculate the weight of a child by Yakubova?

    Take the data of the same pregnant woman and get the following figures.

    Fetal mass = (abdominal circumference + VSDM) x 100/4. We substitute the data and get (93 + 34) x 100/4 = 3175 g. The difference with the first example was 13 grams.

    other methods

    In addition to these methods, there are many others. For example, the "calendar method", in which the size of the uterus determines the mass of the fetus and the duration of pregnancy. For calculations using this method, you need to know the following parameters:

    • the width of the anterior semicircle (180 *) of the pregnant uterus in its widest part (measurements are made when the pregnant woman lies on her back);
    • VSDM in centimeters.

    Discrepancies in calculations by different methods are small, you have already seen this in the first two examples.

    It should be understood that the data that are obtained by any of these methods are approximate and accurate formulas with clear rules for calculating the weight of the embryo in the womb simply do not exist.Yes, and knowledge of how to calculate the weight of the child at the moment is not so important. Greater importance is the very dynamics of the growth of mass of the baby. It is this factor that will most fully characterize the stable and normal development of the fetus in the womb. Therefore, a pregnant woman needs to constantly monitor the dynamics of her own weight in order to be confident in a stable increase in the mass of the unborn child.

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