• How to buy rights?

    Currently, a very large part of motorists drive with purchased rights. And this is understandable, because today it is quite simple to buy the rights of category B (for driving a car) and other categories. On many sites you will be offered various options on how to buy the rights and easily pass all the exams, really and not passing them. In the article we will tell you what the threat of buying rights - about liability, criminal and administrative, and other unpleasant consequences.

    How to buy a license through a driving school

    Very often, those who buy the rights are justified afterwards that, they say, it would still be necessary to give a bribe to the traffic police when passing exams, otherwise you will not pass the exam from the first or even the second time. Some of them got their rights through the Internet, especially the “advanced” ones even ordered their rights by mail through friends, and some chose to negotiate with an instructor who has a “paw” at the traffic police. But, in addition to administrative and even criminal liability (for the unlawful return of selected rights), there are elementary reasons not to buy rights, but to undergo training.Of course, it is possible to agree with a driving school, but still the best option is a full-fledged training with the study of theory and practice and the subsequent passing of examinations in the traffic police. Some motorists may argue: they say, it is better to buy the rights and then independently learn how to drive. However, in practice, people who buy the rights, really do not know how to drive. Just think: every day more than 100 people are killed on Russian roads, and most of the accidents are caused by those drivers who do not know the rules of the road at all, or know them very badly. This means that such drivers bought the rights by agreeing or simply ordering them.

    How much does it cost to buy rights

    The amount from region to region may vary, but the average cost of buying rights is from 15 thousand rubles. Approximately the same cost for the return of rights. And here we want to warn you against the tricks of fraudsters. The fact is that there is no such scheme according to which you could legally drive around with the selected rights. Sly lawyers will tell you that it will be safe to drive with new rights, because your data will only be changed, and your photo will be changed! And the rest of the document will exactly match the prescribed form. It will be right.Only they will not tell you that the traffic police are exactly the same police officers and they have every right to demand your passport upon presentation of rights. And require! Either they will take you to the post for identification. And they will be very happy when they see that P. V. Ivanov will be written in his passport instead of V. V. Pupkin. This means that a police officer solved a crime for which you have the right to imprison even a strict regime up to 1 year in jail, regardless of any circumstances. Yes, and the fine will be issued solid. Have you paid 15 thousand for the restoration of selected rights? Pay another 10 thousand as a fine, and at the same time after your release you will become a man with a criminal past - I hope you understand what this will threaten you with. I repeat - a simple fine, you probably will not get off in this case.

    What does it mean to buy rights legally

    This means only one thing - to be trained in a driving school, paying for it, and then pass all the exams. Of course, many traffic police officers who take examinations in a driving school, unfortunately, take bribes, but, nevertheless, the theoretical and practical knowledge gained will help you more than once on the road and you can become a real driver, not lost in any situation.The remaining variants of the “legal purchase of rights” are deception and self-deception. And in some cases also criminal liability. The same responsibility awaits you if you want to buy a medical certificate for the rights. The requirements for the state of health, too, were invented not by chance, and not only for the safety of others, but also for your own safety. Of course, today you can easily buy the rights to a tractor, a motorcycle, a truck, a bus - and practically nothing, but you don’t have to do anything on the road without a real practice - you will perish or suffer and injure others.

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