• How to buy a concrete mixer in leasing

    Selection of concrete mixers

    Concrete mixers are required for both large and small enterprises. Concrete is one of the basic materials. The reliability of the object, its durability and construction period depend on its quality. Concrete mixers are used for mixing concrete, its delivery to the construction site. In addition, with the help of a concrete mixer, concrete can be supplied to certain construction sites.
    On sale there are different models of concrete mixers. You can choose the easiest option as well as a complex unit that performs several functions. Concrete mixers produce different countries. Among the cheapest - aggregates of Chinese and domestic production. They are distinguished by cost effectiveness, batch accuracy, durability. The range of their functions is wide, you can buy exactly the concrete mixer, which is required by your company. Concrete mixers of American or European production have a higher cost.
    If your company cannot afford to own the unit, leasing will be an excellent option. Choose a company that offers equipment leased at the most favorable terms. Leasing is to choose when you want to expand production, upgrade or upgrade equipment. These processes require borrowing or withdrawal of their own from circulation. If you do not want to resort to lending, you should pay attention to leasing.

    The advantages of leasing

    Leasing of concrete mixers is a long-term lease, which provides for the purchase of equipment. The concrete mixer itself acts as a pledge. If your company needs equipment, you can contact the leasing company and make a deal. The company will acquire a concrete mixer and transfer it for temporary use to your enterprise. In this case, you will use the equipment and gradually pay off with the leasing company.
    Thus, special equipment leasing can be considered more profitable than direct purchase or purchase on credit. Leasing companies require a minimum set of documents.You can choose the due date and currency as well as the payment schedule. As a rule, the minimum payment is 10%. Consideration of the application by leasing companies is made as soon as possible. Any company can buy a concrete mixer in leasing. It is enough to make a list of leasing companies in your city, send a request and issue a deal. You will receive modern equipment on favorable terms.

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