• How to buy a car by proxy

    The owner of the car at any time may require the return of the car, lay it or donate. Or just withdraw the power of attorney, and you will know about it when they take it away from you.car. According topower of attorneyYou can represent the interests of the owner, drive a car, repair, change parts, color and make changes to documents for cars and much more.
    ATpower of attorneyall credentials may be indicated or only some. General Power of Attorney assumes the vesting of all powers.
    In the future, you will not be able to renew the car to yourself without the participation of the owner, even with a power of attorney. If you have already decided to buy a car bypower of attorney, you need to somehow protect yourself, for example, by taking a receipt from the seller about receiving a certain amount of money. However, in order to dispute the deal in court, you will need proof that you actually handed the money to the seller.A receipt to prove this fact most likely will not help, in contrast to the concluded contract for the sale of movable property.
    In the case of an accident in the presence of insurance, which is issued to the owner of the car, the insurance company will refuse to pay compensation. Although you can try to ask the owner to submit data about the accident to the insurance company on its behalf. But your name will appear in the official documents of the incident and the insurance company will undoubtedly find it.
    The power of attorney does not have a life time action, even if it does not indicate how long it is valid. The term of validity ceases with the death of the principal or the recognition of his incapacitated, the rights are automatically transferred to his heirs. With them you will have to negotiate a new design.power of attorney.
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    There are cases when after purchase it turns out that the numbers are killed, and the documents are fake. It turns out most often during the removal from the accounting of the car.
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    At one fine moment, it may turn out that your car, acquired by proxy, is seized and can be seized by a court decision for the debts of the owner. Therefore, it is better to spend money and time to fully renew the car.

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