• How to brew chaga?

    Alena Mikhailova
    Alena Mikhailova
    August 17, 2014
    How to brew chaga?

    Black fungus, or chaga, when properly applied, relieves gastritis, peptic ulcer disease, intestinal polyposis and stomach. Also, this birch growth has the ability to improve immunity, normalizes metabolism and even slows the growth of tumors. To use all the beneficial means of the fungus, you need to know how to brew chaga. Several methods will be described below.

    Where can I get chaga?

    Chaga grows only on birch. There is a mushroom in young and old trees. The weight of one mushroom can reach 5 kg. The surface of the chaga is black with cracks. It is better to collect it in spring or autumn with a special tool. Since chaga is famous for its healing properties, it can be found in the pharmacy.

    A quick way to brew chaga

    If there is no time to cook the broth, you can simply brew Chaga mushroom. The benefits of this tea will be low, but the drink will raise the immune system and protect against germs. It is necessary to boil 1 l of water and throw 200 g of chaga there. Then sweat the mushroom over low heat for a quarter of an hour.That's it, the drink is ready to drink.

    Preparation of this broth from chaga

    Many people would like to know how to brew chaga correctly so that it gives the maximum of its beneficial properties. For this you need to prepare a real decoction. It will require:

    • 100 g of mushroom;
    • 500 ml of melt water.

    Fill the chaga with water, the temperature of which should be 60 ° C, and let it stand for 4 hours. Then take out the mushroom and chop it: you can do it with a meat grinder or knife. The water in which the chaga was soaked should be reheated to 60 ° C again and the mushroom should be placed there for 5 hours. You can drain the water in a thermos to make the infusion more saturated. After 5 hours, it is ready to eat.

    The ancient method of brewing chaga

    To prepare the infusion of chaga in this way, you need to spend three days. However, such a tool will not deteriorate for several years. To prepare the infusion should observe the following proportions:

    • 400 grams of fungus;
    • 2 liters of melt water.

    Heat water to 50 ° С and pour dried chaga on it. Leave the tank for a day. During this time the mushroom will be filled with liquid and will begin to give its useful properties to water. Then, gently chop the softened chaga and lower it into the water warmed to the initial temperature. In it, the fungus should be infused for at least 2 days.During this time, the water will absorb all the useful elements that are contained in the chag. Subsequently, the infusion should be stored in a cool place. If you leave it warm, the chaga will begin to ferment, and the drink will lose its former properties.

    Birch mushroom tea can be used daily as a preventive measure against colds. But the doctor must prescribe the dosage of the infusion, since it depends on the specific ailment. It is not recommended to use chaga on your own, as there is a risk of overdose. Also, do not forget about the possible individual intolerance of birch fungus.

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