• How to become the first?

    Man by nature is characterized by the desire for primacy. Become the first, that is, the best in something - this desire ever comes into the consciousness of every person, becomes his obsessive thought. Someone, having dreamed, refuses to fulfill a dream, and someone puts on it almost his whole life in order to become the best leader.

    How to become the first? To answer this question, it is necessary to know, and where a person wants to be, in what area of ​​life. Depending on the sphere of life, the ways to achieve primacy will be different. Let us examine the main situations in which a person seeks to become the first. Determine what he needs to do for this.

    First in study

    This is the most typical situation, because in our age - the age of information - a person learns almost all his life to keep up with time. And there is only one way: to study and to study again. You need to be diligent in your studies, conscientious in the performance of tasks. A person should strive to learn more than others, reading additional information, mastering difficult topics on their own.Activity in classes, lessons, lectures will surely attract the attention of teachers. Perseverance, work and perseverance will lead to the desired results.

    First in sport

    Sport today is a great opportunity to stand out from the huge mass of people involved in sports clubs and clubs. Being a winner of the world championship, the Universiade, and even more so the Olympiad - it is prestigious, honorable, brings huge material incomes.

    Therefore, it is not surprising that many people sacrifice everything to achieve a goal - free time, meetings with friends, recreation, and sometimes even family. Grueling daily training, a great will to win - only this will help to become a leader, a winner. And victory is also a recognition of the country's human merit. It is, after all, the desire not to let the people down, the country, because with each victory an athlete wins his country.

    First at work

    Competition at work has been and always will be. Among the colleagues, the best ones are clearly distinguished, achieving significant results in comparison with others. Here, initiative, desire to introduce innovations, continuous professional development, and innovation will help to become the first.

    An important role is played by personal qualities, the ability to get along with colleagues, with superiors.A person must observe subordination existing at work. Although, of course, you can not turn into a flattering, pleasing a man without his opinion.

    First in business

    Entrepreneurship today is one of the main human activities. It makes it possible to significantly improve their social status, to stand out with the ability to conduct business, to be competitive. But behind all this is a lot of work. An entrepreneur must be well versed in the laws of the market, be able to study the situation in the economic sphere, select the right personnel, skillfully control product quality and indeed income, and the entrepreneur was considered one of the first in economic circles.

    The first in personal relationships

    Of course, in relationships with people - close, loved ones, colleagues - it is impossible to be exactly the first. It is about becoming the very best. Human qualities make us interesting, necessary, desirable people. Therefore, there is only one way - moral perfection, work on oneself, the constant striving to become better, cleaner, more decent.

    Of great importance is the desire of a person to know himself, to work on himself, because the best critic in life is man himself.The ability to look at yourself from the outside, the desire to please yourself is a step towards moral improvement.

    As you can see, it is quite possible for everyone to become the first. There would be a desire, aspiration, strength, will, purposefulness - and then the result will not keep you waiting.

    Of course, in life there are exceptional personalities, really the first in something: scientists, musicians, artists, writers and poets, actors. These are people who drastically changed the view of a certain type of activity and knowledge about something. They contribute to the ongoing development of our society. Their names are forever in the history of mankind. Among them are our compatriots: M.V. Lomonosov, A.S. Pushkin, D.I. Mendeleev, K.E. Tsiolkovsky, I.P. Pavlov, Yu.A. Gagarin - and many other people that Russia is proud of.

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