• How to become a vampire in real life

    How to become a vampire in real life

    How to turn into a vampire?

    Strength, beauty and inaccessibility were the main properties of vampires, for the attraction of people. With access to the worldwide screens of the twilight saga, the forums instantly filled with questions on various topics. But the most popular and main topic was: “How to become a vampire?” Fans even began to come to the dentists with a desire to make fangs! And if you are such a fan who wants to become a vampire in real life, then this information is for you!

    Types of Vampires

    You can become a real vampire only by abandoning ordinary human feelings. Since they do not know people's joy, love, compassion. First you must understand what you're on. With this step, you kind of erase your parents from memory, and they will become for you no more than vessels filled with blood. For vampires have no relatives.

    In the world there are two types of vampires. This is a bloodsucking and energy. To begin, consider the first group of these predators.Bloodsucking in turn, too, are divided into several species.

    There are such vampires who see people simply as food. They are bloodthirsty, insensible and unrestrained. There are calm and quiet who do not rush at everyone and kill only when it is vital for them. And there are those who never have a permanent residence, they travel all the time.

    Vampires can be divided according to another principle. Higher and lower. Vampires of the lowest degree are able to convert any person they desire into themselves, in order to replenish the family. Well, the higher vampires whom horrible to turn will not be, because in this respect they are more demanding. They prefer their own kind. That is, smart, beautiful, strong, but also they must be pure in heart and they should not know such feelings as greed, envy, etc.

    Well, now tell you how to become a real vampire. There are several ways to handle. And the passage of the rite is one of the ways.


    How to really become a vampire - all ways

    Vampires keep the secret of this rite in the strictest secrecy, and only those whom they are completely sure will be able to pass it.

    The first option is a bite of the vampire himself. To bite you, you must first find a vampire. To do this, you need to find their habitat and more often to visit these places. But this is a very dangerous occupation, where everything is decided by chance. Left alone with a person, the vampire will have two options for the outcome of the event. Drink all the blood or turn you into like. Also very much depends on the person himself, on his behavior and how he is configured.

    Another treatment option is the curse of a person who is eager to become a vampire. There is enough one person who hates and curses fiercely. And the more he hates you, the greater the chances that you will be converted. But here the risk is great. In a man who was cursed, but who did not become a vampire, life goes beyond rut. Problems in personal affairs, at work, lack of friends.

    The third, but not least, option is to turn to black magic. There are two books with which you can become a true vampire. This is the "Book of Blood" and "Tape of the victim." But there is one nuance. It is extremely difficult to get them.

    You can also become a vampire thanks to a tremendous desire to become one.And if day after day to try to materialize a thought, then this will eventually happen.

    Perhaps even thanks to the fate of being converted. There is a legend among vampires, if a child is destined to be a vampire from birth, then no matter what he becomes.

    They say that there are some recipes that help in the home to turn into a vampire. One of them: eat the worm you dug out at full moon and ask your friend to bite you. Well, the second option - it is to deprive the life of the sparrow on Friday 13 and drink his blood.

    And despite all these methods that have been given, in the world a huge number of people who argue that without real vampires can not do here. The theory of physicians is as follows. There are people at birth who lack certain substances in their blood and, in order to temporarily replenish this supply of substances, they must drink blood.

    How to find a vampire

    In real life, finding a real vampire is not an easy task. Psychics and sorcerers answering the question "how and where to find a ghoul," they say that such creatures are found in large cities, because they need the blood of people, and in a large settlement it is much easier to hide - in the villages everyone knows each other, and the vampires do not survive there!


    How to become an energy vampire

    Now we learn how to become energy vampires. An energetic vampire is a person who consumes someone else’s sucked energy and other forces to meet personal needs.

    Naturally imposed question. How to become? One way is to become a qigunist. A gigunist is the person who has special knowledge about how to select human energy and use it. In addition, Qigong practitioners are aware of the energy points with which to speed up the process of obtaining forces.

    You can also become a mental vampire. Such creatures have increased eloquence and can psychically suppress the victim. Energy vampires, before depriving a victim of energy, must first enrage her, bring her out of himself. And the more negative there is on the part of the victim, the more energy there will be for the vampire.

    We hope you all understand that just becoming a real vampire is impossible. No need to take seriously all these ways, it’s just myths and legends. Play vampires with your friends, without injuries and bloodthirsty acts. Well, if you are a real vampire, then share your secrets with our readers.

    We sincerely hope that our article helped you answer the question of how to quickly become a vampire. If at home you became a vampire lord without a bite, then tell us about it right now, we would be very interested to learn about your method or ritual.

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