• How to be an ideal for a guy

    First of all, understand how you feel about yourself. Yes, yes, look at yourself not with strangers, but with your own eyes. Do not be strict, but do not diminish the shortcomings. There is always something to work on. Take your imperfections as an opportunity to become better, do not engage in samodes.
    Then askboyfriendwhat exactly is embarrassing him. Let him honestly say on which points you do not reach the ideal. If his statements did not seem absurd to you, start working on yourself.
    As a rule, the comments relate to the appearance. Here will help you fitness, beautician and hairdresser. Remember that in order to bring the figure in order, sometimes it is enough to have morning exercises, many hours of exercise at the simulators should be left to the fans of sporting achievements.
    Update your wardrobe. If your boyfriend doesn’t like short skirts, and you adore them, look for a compromise. For example, choose long skirts with a slit. In no case do not give up favorite things simply because they did not like someone. Explain that without the old sweater that Grandma once knitted, you are cold and uncomfortable.And in general, vintage items are now in fashion.
    Learn new culinary dishes. Please yourself, not only him. Let the update be a joy to you. Stay yourself, do not do something in spite of your inner feelings.
    Remind yourself that there are no women without flaws, and let the photos of glossy beauties in glossy magazines not bother you. Cover models are made beautiful not only by various ways of image processing, but also by the photographer's lovers' views.

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