• How to avoid stretch marks on the chest

    In fact, stretch marks are scar tissue formed on the surface of the skin where the connective tissue breaks. Stretch marks on the chest bring a lot of discomfort to young ladies and give rise to complexes. Most women feel stiffness in front of a partner, stop wearing clothes with a plunging neckline and frank lingerie. All this is bad for the quality of life and makes you look for means to prevent stretch marks, or else to get rid of them.
    It is much easier to prevent their occurrence, which can be done by different methods, but it must be done constantly, throughout life. First of all, train yourself to end each bath in a contrast shower. Start using breast masks that can be selected at the pharmacy. An excellent result is a light massage of the chest, preferably with olive oil. It should be applied in small quantities on wet skin after bathing and rubbed.
    To avoid stretch marks on the chest will help and cream with vitamin complexes, it is desirable that the composition had collagen and elastin. Components of medicinal plants, such as essential tea tree oil, horse chestnut and chamomile extract, strengthen the skin and help prevent stretch marks.
    Once a week, do a peeling of the skin on the chest, exfoliation of the upper layer accelerates the process of elastin production and smooths the skin surface. When peeling, the skin experiences stress, due to which cellular elements are mobilized, producing biologically active substances with greater force. The deeper you peel, the more stress your skin will experience and the sooner it will be renewed, which will prevent stretch marks from forming.
    According to the degree of penetration, the peeling is divided into medium and superficial. Surface peeling is mechanical, that is, the surface of the skin is polished with fine sand. Medium peeling is performed under general anesthesia and involves the application of acid to the skin of the breast, which penetrates the deep layers of the skin.
    Gymnastics exercises give a good result, but you shouldn't be too zealous.Do not start doing the exercises at high speed, before you start, always warm yourself up.

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