• How to attract men?

    Most women are designed so that they can not be happy without a man. Even if a woman is successful in business and behaves like a man, she needs a life partner. But what if the desired man does not appear on the horizon? How to attract men? Do not sit at the window and wait for the prince on a white horse - if you do not take any action, then he may not appear. The very first thing to do is to solve your problems, to become a harmonious person.

    What prevents to meet the man of your dreams

    What attracts men? This is sexual energy, overflowing. But some women just do not allow themselves to be sexy. Have you ever thought about why some hand-written beauties are left alone for years, and the gentlemen around the not so pretty women wind so much? The reasons for failures in love can be several:

    • You have too high demands, you mark all candidates in advance. You have created an unreal beautiful image, but such princes are found only in fairy tales.
    • You do not love yourself, respectively, do not radiate the energy of love, suppress your sexuality. No wonder they say that if you do not love yourself, then no one can love you.
    • You concentrate on the shortcomings of men or do not like men at all. Some women sincerely believe that "all men - bastards, goats, males ...". If you think so, then for you it will be so.
    • You are not taking any action. It is possible to repeat as many affirmations as possible, visualize the groom lying on the sofa at home, and this will not change anything. It is unlikely that the man of your dreams will break into your apartment.

    Negative attitudes

    These are just a few effective ways that women have come up with in order not to meet their hero. To attract your man, you need to get rid of all the negativity. Analyze what prevents you to be happy in love? What negative attitudes block your feminine energy? Keep in mind that you use these settings unconsciously, without being aware of them, therefore it can be difficult to identify them. Negative programs can be directed both to themselves and to men. For example:

    • "I am a fat cow, nobody needs";
    • "Love is dangerous, they can betray, give up, it is better to be alone";
    • "Love must be earned by hard work, it is not given just like that";
    • �It�s very hard to meet your man, it�s almost impossible�, etc.

    You can read more about negative programs and their identification in special literature on psychology, for example, in the books of Alexander Sviyash this issue is covered in some detail.

    What attracts men

    What women attract men? They do not need to try hard to flirt, play seduction - they emanate energy, sexuality, femininity, confidence. A man feels such a woman and reacts to her subconsciously. This woman has certain qualities that you can easily develop in yourself with a little effort.

    • Self-confidence. You know that you deserve the best and are not afraid of loneliness, so do not cling to the first man who came "to be".
    • You are not too accessible, but do not surround yourself with a wall of ice alienation and inaccessibility. Too inaccessible women are feared and avoided by men, and they are not appreciated and despised of too accessible.
    • You are self-sufficient.You have your own interests, values, hobbies. You are an integral person, an interesting interlocutor. You have an opinion.
    • You love yourself, watch yourself, nurture and cherish.
    • You are natural and easy going. You behave relaxedly, open to communication, honest with yourself and with others.

    Past such a woman men do not pass. If you are already such a woman, but still do not know how to attract a man, then use the visualization technique. Order your lover, imagine how you will meet him and start dating. Do not imagine a particular person, but describe how he should be in character, what should be the relationship. Perform visualization regularly, and the Universe will fulfill your order. Good luck to you!

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