• How not to lose a guy?

    Relationships with a guy develop as well as possible, and you all fly and shine with happiness! Often in such beautiful moments, girls start thinking about how it would be to lose a loved one. Of course, no lucky woman would want this, and I think that you also do not want a break. Why? Let's learn and learn basic tips on how not to lose a guy and make relationships even stronger.

    Mistakes of girls in a relationship

    If you want to understand how not to lose a guy, then first you need to learn about the typical mistakes of girls in relationships with guys, and try to never commit them.

    Your boyfriend is the best, the smartest and simply wonderful! Remember this, even when during a quarrel you want to be rude to him or to talk a lot of filth. Often girls strongly offend their boys with evil words, shouts, criticism. Guys do not like being criticized, humiliated, compared to other guys or praised by other guys in their presence (Brad Pitt is a sexy handsome! - these and similar expressions never say in his presence).In general, be very careful with the words, think before the guy says anything.

    Women's tantrums, tears, showdown - all this must be left. Learn to behave with restraint and calm. A sobbing, screaming, angry, shrill, touchy, always aching, disgruntled girl only pushes away. So you will show yourself not in the best possible way, and you will definitely not cause good mutual feelings.

    Very many guys complain that the girls do not understand them. The guys are not from another planet, he is just different in his psychology, and this needs to be understood. He is not interested in what a cool blouse you bought yourself, what happened to a friend of Katka, how your favorite series ended, etc. Talks on women's topics save for communication with friends. Also, do not take every friend of him into the bayonets, make scenes of jealousy, he may have friends among girls.

    When a guy says that he wants to be alone today or relax with friends, do not interfere, because he, like you, has the right to rest from the relationship. In general, there are a lot of such nuances, I advise you to study the psychology of men, you will understand a lot and you can save your relationship from unnecessary problems.

    Guys are proprietors by nature. It will be great if he thinks that you like many, but he is faithful to him alone. The sympathy of other guys for you will flatter him and warm his interest in you thanks to easy jealousy, well, and your loyalty will show him that you are a worthy girl for a serious relationship. However, in the presence of a guy, do not flirt with his friends and acquaintances, it is ugly and not very good for many reasons.

    How not to lose a guy? Try to get rid of these qualities, they are very annoying guys, and sometimes make them think about breaking the relationship with a girl:

    • Imbalance
    • Talkativeness
    • The desire to be first in a relationship.
    • Ingratitude.
    • Tediousness
    • The habit of gossiping.
    • Reluctance to compromise, to look for ways out of difficult situations in a relationship.
    • Reluctance to ask for forgiveness and admit his guilt.
    • Unwillingness to discuss their desires, needs, talk about what they do not like in a partner.
    • Doubts about his boyfriend, disbelief in his success, lack of support.
    • Obsession and annoyance.
    • Deceit.
    • Excessive self-criticism and self-deprecation.

    How to improve relationships

    Of course, to understand how not to lose a guy, it is important to say a few words about how to improve your relationship. If the relationship is strong and healthy, then he does not want to leave you!

    • Praise him, much and sincerely, admire him, speak kind words and compliments, thank him for what he does for you. The gentle and sincere words of his girlfriend are ready to listen to a guy for a long time, they are very pleasant to him. But everything should be in moderation: make sure that your speeches do not turn into lisping - nobody will like this for sure.
    • Develop mutual interest. Find common hobbies, things that are interesting to both, travel, learn new things, get fresh impressions together, go to new places. The more new impressions you get together, the stronger your relationship will be, the more interesting you will be for him. Take the initiative in the search for mutual interests.
    • If you have sex with a guy, do not be afraid of diversity in bed, offer him new ideas, show him your desire, be passionate and tender. For men, sex is of great importance, so the girl needs to be especially right in bed.
    • Do not forget to follow your appearance.It is pleasant for a guy to be near a beautiful and well-groomed girl, and it’s quite possible to make yourself such a person! If this is all right, then just maintain your beauty: eat right, get enough sleep, go in for sports, watch your hair, nails and skin, correctly pick up clothes and makeup.

    Now you know how not to lose a guy. Of course, there are more nuances in this question than described here, so study male psychology, watch your boyfriend, try to feel what he likes and what pushes you away. Analyze, draw conclusions, behave correctly, and everything will be fine!

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