• How managers should make decisions

    This manager must make decisions promptly. Sometimes the delay has a negative impact on the workflow. The speed with which the chief makes a choice depends on his competence and experience, as well as certain personal qualities. For example, it will be quite difficult for an indecisive person to be immediately determined with an action plan.
    The boss must be confident in his decision and cannot change it according to his mood. But due to changed circumstances, the choice can be adjusted. Flexibility, ability to adapt to the situation distinguish an intelligent, resourceful leader. When such an individual is at the helm, the team may be calm for themselves.
    When making decisions, the manager must be objective. If the question is complex and ambiguous, its correct interpretation is much more important than promptness. An experienced chief collects data, asks for relevant facts, studies the information received and only after that makes one or another choice.
    A competent leader should not dwell on one solution to the issue. First, you need to choose the best plan, the most profitable or easy to implement. Secondly, in the extreme case, there must be some kind of alternative. The competent boss understands that in some situations it is better to err.
    Sometimes it is necessary not only to solve a working issue, but to change the whole system or a significant part of it. An experienced manager understands that development is impossible without change. Only a wise, strong and resolute individual can go on a real revolution.
    When resolving some working disputes, a good leader tries to maintain neutrality until the situation becomes clear to him. The just boss will first listen to all parties to the conflict, and only then will make his decision. Such a rational and objective person has no pets.
    Making decisions in an emotional state is unacceptable for a competent leader. A good boss understands that in the power of strong feelings it is difficult to make the right choice. He knows that it is better to wait and make a logical, balanced decision.
    The manager must rely on past experience in making decisions. However, he is aware of the need to sometimes find new ways to resolve issues.

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