• How does anyone sleep?

    Each person takes a comfortable position during sleep. Some people like to sleep on their stomachs, some curl up, and some get settled on their side. What can these poses tell? American psychiatrist S. Dunkell studied the position of the body in a dream and came to interesting conclusions. It turns out that the way we sleep directly depends on our attitude to life.

    And you can “read” absolutely everything - and how much space you occupy, and even the position of your arms or legs. The amount of territory occupied can tell about the situation in society. The position of the legs shows how we go through life, and the arms demonstrate a sense of freedom or dependence.

    How who sleeps: body position

    "Royal posture" - a favorite for open and self-confident individuals. These people sleep on their backs, while their arms and legs lie loose. Basically, they are satisfied with their lives and even in a dream take a position that demonstrates their confidence in the world. This position of the body speaks of a rectilinear, stubborn character, as well as leadership qualities. However, if the hands are on the chest or abdomen, it means that the person wants to instinctively defend himself or to distance himself from something that does not suit him.If a person is too self-confident and does not consider the opinions of others, he will spread his arms and legs too wide to occupy all the space of the bed.

    Sociable, heartfelt people sleep on their backs with their hands behind their heads. This position also suggests that they are accustomed to rely on their mental abilities and common sense.

    On the side in the pose of the “germ” are sleeping those who subconsciously want to close themselves from the outside world. They curl up, hug a pillow, a blanket, or themselves. A sort of "buds" that do not want to bloom. According to Dunkell, deep in the subconscious, these people do not want to part with childhood. They do not seek to take responsibility and need patronage. Basically, these are sensitive people who often make decisions based on a minute mood.

    The pose on the side, in which the arms and legs are free, is called the “half-embryo” pose. She is chosen by balanced, calm people with an analytical mindset. They rarely conflict and are able to adapt to the outside world due to the fact that they find the possibility of a reasonable compromise.

    Position on the stomach is punctual, often pedantic people. They are very prudent and do not like surprises. If the hands are located on the sides or on the pillow, and the legs are straight, this means that the person is independent and tries to control his life, and not to go with the flow. His own opinion seems to him the only correct one, so criticism is usually perceived “with hostility.”

    The next posture is similar to the previous one, but here the arms are extended above the head, this is the “prostrate” posture. The sleeper is trying to cover all the space around him, to know and control him. These people are careful and love accuracy and predictability.

    As who sleeps: the position of the arms and legs

    What can be said about the position of the legs in a dream? Stretched, as if not restricted in movement of the legs allow you to judge a person as an active and purposeful. Cross the ankles of those who are subject to the influence of others, they also have increased caution.

    Some people like to hang one or two legs out of bed — they’re almost ready to go on the road right now. These people are ready to ignore the rules and even take risks. But the one who tries to slip his feet under the mattress, is wary of surprises and is not inclined to novelty.

    In the event that one leg is straightened, and the second is not, it can be said about the duality of nature. In some periods of life, such people are collected and purposeful, but at an unexpected moment they may well become passive and indifferent. These are people of mood.

    If the sleeper holds on to something — a blanket, a pillow, or one hand over the other, this indicates its dependence on the environment. Such a person is subconsciously looking for support from the outside, as he is not confident in his abilities.

    If a man clenches his fists in a dream, it speaks of his aggressive attitude towards the world.

    As who sleeps: position on the bed

    The way we occupy the surrounding space can also tell a lot of interesting things about us. In the center of the bed are optimistic, self-confident personality. If in a dream a person tends to cuddle up against the wall or back of the sofa, this suggests that he needs support.

    People dissatisfied with their position in life are sleeping on the edge of the bed. Unbalanced impulsive personalities are arranged diagonally or across the bed.

    If a person often changes postures during sleep and in the evening falls asleep in one side, and in the morning he wakes up and his legs lie on a pillow, it can be assumed that he has no conscious clear goals in life.

    Falling asleep, we are immersed in a state of the brain, which is called "alpha". When fully immersed in the world of dreams, we move to the omega stage. The postures we sleep in will differ in these cases. It is believed that the postures in the “omega” stage are more preferable for the sleeper, and it is they who can reveal the features of our character.

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