• How does a contract differ from a contract?

    Marina Fedotova
    Marina Fedotova
    December 25, 2012
    How does a contract differ from a contract?

    To understand the difference between a contract and a contract, you need to look into the very essence of these concepts. The word "agreement" means an agreement, condition, mutual obligation between specific two or more parties. It can be agreed both orally and in writing. “Contract” in Latin means “deal”, which is only in writing, and it can be concluded by parties who clearly describe the obligations between themselves.

    Contract and Contract: Differences

    Very often, the concept of "contract" and "contract" are used in labor law and in labor relations. From this point of view, we will consider the essence of these terms further. In order to understand the difference between an employment contract and a contract, consider the interpretation of these terms by labor laws.

    When applying for a job, an employment contract is concluded only for an indefinite period of time.During this agreement, it can be made both verbally and in writing, and in both cases, the contract discusses a list of duties for both the employee and the employer. In a particular company, an employment contract is concluded according to a certain standard, the basis of which is based on the labor laws of the country.

    When it is necessary to conclude an agreement between the two parties for a certain period (1-5 years), it is necessary to use only an employment contract. It is drawn up exclusively in writing and may, upon expiration of its validity period, be extended by agreement of its parties. The employee’s intention to terminate further cooperation at the end of the contract period must be notified to the employee two weeks in advance. Note that the employee has the right to demand compensation in the case when the employer ends the employment relationship between him before the expiration of the contract. In this document, as well as in the contract, the working conditions, rights and obligations, position, employee and employer are described.

    It should be remembered that the difference between the contract and the contract is in the ways of breaking the relationship between the employee and the employer.So the contract can be terminated by any of the parties, but the contract is terminated solely by the employer.

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