• How does almond grow?

    Nadezhda Manko
    Nadezhda Manko
    March 21, 2013
    How does almond grow?

    When eating nuts, not every one of us thinks that they appeared, not packed in a bag, but grew on a tree. For example, do you know how almonds grow?

    Where and how does almond grow

    Almond is a plant that is a small tree or shrub, reaching a length of 4 to 10 meters. During the flowering period, this tree is covered with beautiful white and pink flowers. The fruit is the ovoid drupe, which consists of an inedible greenish pericarp and bone, the content of which is just a nut.

    Almond tree

    Before the appearance of leaves, almonds grow earlier than other fertile trees. For example, it blooms earlier than peach for about 2-4 weeks, at the same time as apricots. And since spring frosts, as well as winds, are detrimental to fruiting, almonds in the Rossi strip are grown only as an ornamental plant.

    How almonds grow

    Where Almonds Grow

    It grows on the rubbly, rocky and mountain slopes. Almonds are common in the Caucasus, in Central Asia and the Crimea. You can meet big thickets of almonds in the Kopetdag gorge.Almonds are found in two types - with bitter or sweet kernels. This nut can be used both fresh and for the preparation of various dishes, even the butter has been adapted from the fruits of almonds.

    The best soil for growing almond tree is deep sandy loam, which contains a lot of humus. Clayey soil and also loam will be destructive for almonds. When planting almond trees, it is necessary to maintain a distance of about 6-9 meters between the trees. Like other plants, they need good watering, especially in arid areas.

    Almond tree nuts

    During the period when the fruits have ripened, the walnut shell opens and falls, this process occurs in the autumn. When the main part of the shells has already opened, the tree is shaken. A photo of how almonds grow, blooms and bears fruit, helps you to create a small picture of a given culture.

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