• Hormonal background of a woman: everything you need to know

    Hormones are special substances that are produced in the human body and affect the functioning of certain systems and organs. Especially important are hormones for the female body, because they make pregnancy possible and bearing a healthy baby. And what affects the hormones of a woman?

    What it is?

    What is the hormonal background of a woman? In general, a group of biologically active substances produced by glands of internal secretion is called hormones. These substances are responsible for such important processes and functions as the ability to conceive, growth, metabolism, puberty.

    It should be normal

    The work of some organs depends entirely on the activity of hormones. Hormones are produced by organs located in various parts of the body. In the brain, it is the hypothalamus, pituitary and epiphysis.

    In the trunk, too, there are several organs responsible for the production of hormones: the adrenal glands, the pancreas, the thyroid gland. And for the work of the female reproductive system are the ovaries.Hormonal background is the ratio of hormones in the body.

    Causes of violation

    Hormone disturbance is a change in the amount of hormones in the body. Their content can both decrease and increase. And it also happens that along with a reduction in the number of some hormones, an increase in the number of others is observed. One way or another, such a state does not arise spontaneously and for no reason. And what affects the hormones, because of what it can be broken? Here are some possible reasons:

    • Climate change. Sharp climate change is a burden for the body. As a result, the functioning of certain organs and systems may be impaired. The hormonal background will certainly suffer.
    • Stress. The central nervous system has a direct effect on the endocrine system, which is responsible for the production of hormones. Stress is a serious load for the body, which can not affect its functioning. And that is why many with strong experiences lose weight.
    • Uncontrolled hormonal drugs. The most common of these are contraceptive.Often, girls and women do not find time to visit a gynecologist and choose oral contraceptives on their own or on the advice of a friend. But this is wrong, since all the drugs in this group contain hormones. So, only a doctor can prescribe contraceptives and only after receiving the results of tests for hormones.
    • Often, hormones are disturbed in adolescent girls during puberty, and this is quite normal.
    • Also, violations occur in women during menopause or menopause.
    • Often the amount of hormones in the body varies after childbirth and pregnancy. Such a phenomenon is quite natural, and often everything returns to normal without interference.
    • Failure of the day. Some hormones are produced only during sleep and at night. And if a woman works in night shifts, then, most likely, there will be an imbalance. Also, hormonal levels have a negative effect and lack of sleep.
    • The influence is also a hereditary factor.
    • The presence of parasites in the body. The fact is that pathogenic microorganisms secrete toxins that enter the bloodstream and can affect the functioning of the body and the production of hormones.
    • Incorrect food. If the diet is followed, the body does not receive the required amount of fat, and without it the production of certain hormones is impossible. When overeating, body weight will increase, and overweight can also cause violations. In addition, there are products that contain the so-called phytohormones - substances that are similar in action to natural hormones. And an excess of phytohormones can disrupt the background.
    • Violate the production of sex hormones can gynecological diseases, including sexually transmitted infections.
    • Infections and commonplace colds can also affect hormones. And the consequences of serious illness will be even more serious.
    • Bad ecology also has a negative impact on the entire work of the body, in particular on the work of the endocrine system.
    • Excessive physical activity. Surprisingly, they can also cause violations.


    Affects the mood

    Manifestations of violations can be very diverse, it all depends on what amount of hormones has changed and in what direction. We list the main symptoms:

    • changes in body weight (both decrease and increase);
    • a slight increase in body temperature (usually up to 37.2-37.5 degrees);
    • hair loss;
    • increased hair growth in some areas of the body (for example, above the lip, on the arms and legs);
    • problems with sleep;
    • weakness, drowsiness, fatigue, deterioration of the general condition;
    • irritability, increased nervous irritability;
    • disruption of the menstrual cycle;
    • intermenstrual discharge;
    • problems with conception;
    • problems in the cardiovascular system;
    • headaches and dizziness;
    • changes in appetite (both deterioration and increase);
    • increased sweating or, on the contrary, a feeling of coldness in the body;
    • tremor of the fingers;
    • increased skin dryness, itching, or the appearance of stretch marks (stretch marks will be bright and visible);
    • decrease in sexual desire.

    What should I do if I'm violated?

    How to normalize hormonal background? First of all, it is necessary to find out the cause of his violations. So, if you find any anxiety symptoms, go to the doctor and go for the examination, and still definitely pass tests for all possible hormones. When the cause of the problems turns out, the doctor will prescribe you a cure. There are a lot of hormonal drugs and drugs that affect the production of hormones and help to normalize the background.

    And a few more recommendations:

    1. Watch your diet.All necessary substances should be ingested in the body, so give up on strict diets and severe restrictions. Eat meat, seafood, fish, dairy products, berries, vegetables, fruits, cereals and legumes, as well as vegetable oils. Consult with a specialist about taking vitamins.
    2. Visit your doctor regularly to notice changes in time.
    3. Try not to be nervous.
    4. Do not overstrain. Observe the daily regimen and rest more.
    5. Such methods of therapy as acupuncture or aromatherapy can be effective.
    6. Do not start taking any medications (especially hormones) without consulting a doctor.

    Let your hormones will be normal!

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