• Hibernation: what is it?

    Many users of a personal computer with Windows operating systems when you open the "Start" panel may be interested that this is a hibernation. The word comes from the English "hibernation", which literally means "hibernation". The hibernation mode first appeared in the Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems, and it is more suitable for use not on stationary computers, but on tablet PCs and on laptops (laptops).

    To learn more about the meaning of this term, it is also necessary to consider what computer hibernation is. May be interested in information on how to get out of this mode - about this in our article How to disable the standby mode.

    What is this - sleep mode?

    Sleep mode or, more simply, the �dream� of a computer appeared on the first versions of the Windows operating systems. This is a peculiar way to put the computer on a �pause� even during the functioning of a process in the system or the operation of a program. Sleep mode can turn on automatically if you do not work on it and do not move the mouse for a while.

    Automatic sleep can occur after a different time period, which you can set yourself (from one to ten or more minutes). What does sleep mode mean? This means that the monitor goes out (turns black), but the computer continues to work, although it consumes less energy.

    In addition to the screen, the cooling system of the motherboard is also turned off, the hard disk does not work, and the rest of its �components� - RAM, processor, etc. served a minimum of electricity. To exit the PC's sleep mode, you can simply press any key on the keyboard or pull the mouse.

    After that, all the same programs and applications that were active before the computer went to sleep will appear on the monitor. In addition, some computers are equipped with the ability to remotely wake from sleep mode, due to wake-up on a local network (widely used in offices, companies, etc.)

    Hibernation - what is it?

    At first glance it may seem that hibernation is the same as the sleep mode, but this is far from the case. Inside the process is much more complicated and more functional. During the launch of this mode, the computer is literally turned off and de-energized in full, electricity is supplied only to the Bios and the crystal oscillator,due to which the PC �remembers� and counts further the current time and date.

    During hibernation, a record is made on the hard disk of the computer that displays an exact copy of the processes in RAM that are active at the time of transition to this mode. This means that when you turn on the active mode of the computer, all active processes from the hard disk into the system�s RAM will be resumed. Removing a computer / laptop from hibernation mode is similar to getting the system out of sleep mode: you just need to move the mouse or press the power button. It must be said only that the way out of hibernation takes a little longer than the way out of sleep.

    What is the difference between sleep mode and hibernation?

    Sleep and hibernation are very similar. The main difference between them is that during hibernation the system still consumes energy (the processor and RAM continue to work), which is confirmed by the instantaneous return to the computer when it is activated.

    Hibernation, on the other hand, implies the most minimal system power consumption, which is especially important for portable gadgets - laptops, etc., which do not operate on the network.In addition, hibernation uses the hard drive when it is activated, while the sleep mode is supported by the computer's RAM.

    Why laptop is better hibernation

    Sleep mode is not suitable for laptops also because when it is activated, the power is turned off from all components of the system, except for the RAM, including the cooling elements that do not work. The power of the RAM is minimal, but it is still supplied, so at one time or another the laptop may overheat and even become useless after a while.

    In addition, the device's battery is gradually discharged, due to which you can lose important data from a laptop. And with hibernation mode, all documents are saved to the hard disk, and to maintain this mode, a minimum amount of electricity is required.

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