• Happy Birthday to Brother

    How can you wish your beloved brother a happy birthday? Of course, giving him a postcard! A happy birthday to a brother will be especially dear if a loving brother or sister makes it with his own hands.

    A very beautiful and unusual greeting card to a brother with his birthday can be made using the quilling technique.

    Happy Postcard birthday to brother

    Happy birthday card to brother

    To create it, you will need paper strips of black, green and red, as well as glue and conventional quilling tools: wooden na a cup (or a toothpick) and a pair of scissors.

    A rather long strip of green is folded with a small harmonica. We twist one more such strip into a roll, and turn a black strip into a circle, gluing its ends together.

    The accordion, circle and roll

    The accordion, circle and roll

    We put the green "accordion" inside this black circle.

    Green accordion inside the circle

    Green accordion inside circle

    To the green curl glue the black short strips, directing them in different directions at different angles - like the rays of the sun.

    Black bars

    Black stripes

    Put this “sun” in the center of the black circle. It turns out the wheel with knitting. We attach a black strip to it, forming a steering wheel from it.

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