• Granddaughter Grace Kelly celebrated the 20th anniversary of a topless pool party

    Camilla Gottlieb continues to conquer the social network. This time with candid photos.

    Camilla Gottlieb, daughter of Princess Stephanie from her former bodyguard Jean Raymond Gottlieb, has long been subdued by Instagram. A year ago, many Internet users noted that the granddaughter of Grace Kelly and Prince of Monaco Ranier III is not only incredibly good at herself, but also leads a very interesting life: travels a lot, goes to parties and meets with friends. It is not surprising that with such a disposition, any of her posts in the microblogging is widely discussed in the press. And this time the girl was forced to talk about herself on the occasion of her birthday, which she, as expected, noted with a big flare ...

    Camilla Gottlieb (left) with a friend
    Photo: @camillerosegottlieb

    Granddaughter Grace Kelly decided to celebrate the 20th anniversary with friends at the prestigious Cote d'Azur resort called Rokbrune-Cap-Martin.And, judging by the social networks, Camilla gathered guests in a luxurious villa with a swimming pool and did without a pathetic holiday. All those present, as well as the little girl, were wearing shorts and shirts and just had a good time.

    Not without candid shots. So, on one of the frames, Gottlieb appeared topless from her back. True, not one, but in company with a friend.

    Camilla Gottlieb (left) with a friend
    Photo: @camillerosegottlieb

    Earlier, by the way, Camille was compared with the famous grandmother Grace Kelly. At the same time, some claimed that they were incredibly similar in appearance: the same oval of the face, the shape of the eyes, the shape of the nose and lips, the shade of the hair (more about thisread HERE). There were those who advised Gottlieb to follow in the footsteps of a relative and become an actress. I wonder if the girl would heed this advice.

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