• Goji berries: application

    Goji berries applicationSince ancient times, goji berries are known for their healing qualities. Their application is possible in a dry form or in pre-soaked in water. In addition, many of them can be cooked, for example, soups, teas, desserts, etc.


    Tincture of berries


    Goji berries application


    Goji berry tincture is one of the most common ways to use them. For its preparation, only goji berries (50 g) and Chinese vodka, differing in strength of 45 degrees (0.5 l), will be needed. The berries are simply filled with vodka in a glass pot and infused for 7-10 days. Tincture is taken twice a day, 10 ml. It reduces the level of sugar, strengthens the immune system, helps with eye diseases and dizziness and migraines.


    Goji berries and chrysanthemum tea


    To make this tea, you need black tea, goji berries, chrysanthemum flowers. All ingredients are poured boiling water, insist 10-15 minutes. The use of such tea reduces blood pressure and sugar levels, slows the aging process in the body.


    Eight treasure tea


    Goji berries application


    In order to enjoy tea with such an intriguing name, you will need 8 ingredients:green tea, goji fruit, longan fruit, jojoba fruit, date, hawthorn, raisins, walnuts and granulated sugar. All components are poured with boiling water, tea infuses for 10-15 minutes. The drink has a tonic, firming, healing effect on the body.


    Goji Berry Wine


    To prepare this alcoholic drink you will need a bottle of any wine. 30-50 g of goji fruit are added to it, the bottle is carefully sealed and infused for 1-3 months. Drink wine can be 100 g per day. It has the property of increasing libido.


    The use of goji berries is not limited to the manufacture of beverages. Soup with these wonderful fruits, of course, is not very traditional, but it can still be an elegant and useful addition to the daily diet.


    Soup with goji berries


    Goji berries application


    So, you need 15 grams of Lunyan fruit, white fungus, goji berries, sugar. Wood fungus is pre-soaked in water for some time, then cleaned and brewed with boiling water. The fruits of lunyan are cut into pieces. All ingredients are steamed, then boiled for a few minutes in boiling water with added sugar. The soup is ready. It is especially useful for older people, strengthens health and gives strength.


    Goji Berry Ice Cream


    Goji berries application


    Any ice cream is prepared according to a well-known and favorite recipe. Goji berries are soaked in water and added as a fruit filler to the creamy mass before it is frozen. This dessert in addition to its beneficial properties is also very tasty.


    Thus, you can cook a huge number of dishes using goji berries. Their use in the daily diet is much easier.

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