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    I own a small business that makes natural fruit juices. Faced such a problem that I can�t find a normal supplier of glass bottles. Maybe someone knows where in Kiev you can cheaply buy glass containers?
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    It will be cheaper to buy glass containers on Ali Express, but of course there may be problems. The product is quite fragile and it can be delivered not in the best form, and also a big disadvantage is that the delivery of the container will have to wait a very long time.
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    A couple of years ago, I also needed to buy a lot of glass bottles, because I was involved in the production of wine. I did not have any companies, I did everything myself and sold to friends. Tara bought in the store Private Mark.
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    I do not advise buying containers of domestic production, because as practice has shown, it is not very strong. It is better to look for a company that sells foreign-made glass containers, for example, Polish or German.

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