• German diet

    Of these 7 weeks, Monday is undoubtedly more difficult and difficult, since on Monday only water is allowed to drink. Basically, the diet of the German diet consists of all kinds of fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy products. On the German diet, the reviews are very different: there are positive, and there are negative.
    A significant advantage and advantage of the German diet is:
    1. Great weight loss;
    2. Proper nutrition:
    3. After the end of the diet lack of appetite.
    And the disadvantages include too long duration of the diet and its difficulty. Not every lady is able to withstand it.
    German diet menu
    The first week is probably considered to be easier, since you eat 6 days as usual, only on Monday you need to hold out on the same water.
    In the second week, again on Monday, you sit in the same water, and on Tuesday you eat oranges or grapefruits. About 2 kg per day. On other days, eat as usual.
    On the third week on Monday, drink only water again, and on Tuesday, oranges and grapefruits.On Wednesday, eat only apples. On the day about 2 kg of fruit. In the following days, eat as usual.
    In the fourth week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday is similar to the third week, but on Thursday you need to drink fruit and vegetable juices. On other days you eat traditionally.
    The fifth week is the same as the fourth. The only thing - on Friday you need to drink fat free kefir.
    The sixth week is similar to the fifth, with the exception of the sixth day. On this day, you eat pineapples. And on Sunday you eat what you want.
    Finally, the last week is not like the sixth one, because on Sunday you drink only ordinary water.
    Of course, you must first consult with your doctor if you decide to "sit down" on such a long diet.

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