• General rules for the division of land

    When dividing a plot of land, one should be guided by two main rules: first, the size of new land plots should not be larger than the maximum size and smaller than the minimum size stipulated by the town planning legislation, secondly, each newly formed land plot is immovable property and must pass state cadastral registration .
    In accordance with the Federal Law "On the State Real Estate Cadastre" in the case of the formation of several real estate objects, one application is submitted for cadastral registration for all objects. Registration of such objects is carried out simultaneously.
    At the same time, since the registration of the title to the formed plots, the original land plot ceases to exist as an object of rights. However, there is an exception to this rule - the division of a land plot provided to a horticultural,horticultural or dacha non-profit association of citizens, does not entail the disappearance of the original land plot - it remains in the modified boundaries.
    As for the rights of owners or owners of the original plot, they are also retained in respect of land plots resulting from the division.
    If the original plot was in common ownership, then the participants in this joint ownership are entitled by agreement among themselves to establish other conditions for the “transfer” of common ownership rights to the land plots formed as a result of the division.
    The division of a land plot should be distinguished from its allotment, which is carried out only in the event of the separation of a share or shares from the original land plot that is in common ownership.

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