• "Form of Water" and 5 more cool weekend weekends

    “Form of Water” is a serious contender for several Oscar awards, the winner of the festival in Venice, who won the prize for directing at the Golden Globe and was noted by American film critics. Is this not a reason to see the new work of the famous Mexican director?
    A silent cleaner working in a science lab falls in love with a mutant ichthyander and wants to free him from the experiments of scientists. The main character resembles the lonely aged Amelie (expressive Sally Hawkins), and the amphibian man (Doug Jones in a great suit), caught somewhere in South America, although she behaves intelligently, she is still more fish than a man. The romantic relationship between such characters is certainly an entertaining sight.

    "Dark times"

    Gary Oldman as Churchill is not Sergey Bezrukov as Vysotsky.

    Producer:Joe wright
    Cast:Gary Oldman, Lily James, Ben Mendelsohn, Christine Scott Thomas, Stephen Dillane

    In 1940, Winston Churchill became Prime Minister of Great Britain and refused to enter into an agreement with the growing force of fascist Germany.A rescue operation was conducted in Dunkirk (thanks to Christopher Nolan, we now know something about it), and it became clear that Hitler was not omnipotent.
    The main treasure of the Dark Times, of course, is Gary Oldman, completely different from the usual image of plump political titan with an eternal cigar. Thanks to the excellent make-up, the resemblance is created, but Oldman does not hide behind the mask, but, on the contrary, spreads his wings, showing not the embellished image of the legendary Prime Minister, but the most humane, lively, multi-faceted.

    "Frozen carp"

    Laugh and cry: the pensioner plans her funeral.

    Producer:Vladimir Kott
    Cast:Marina Neyolova, Alisa Freindlich, Evgeny Mironov, Sergey Puskepalis, Alexander Bashirov, Natalia Surkova

    A retired teacher learns that she does not live long, and decides to organize her own funeral independently, so as not to burden the adult son living in the city. She buys a coffin, arranges a place in the cemetery, and even collects a table for commemoration. Some scenes - in the morgue, the coffin shop and the episode of the murder that did not take place (there is such a thing in the film) - are absurd and charming.But in general, cinema is an artificial fairy tale, in which there will be nothing unexpected (except for the murder scene, perhaps). The film, of course, will become a popular favorite: there is where to laugh, cry, and play Neelova, Freindlich, Mironov ...

    "Astral 4: The Last Key"

    The last part of a decent horror.

    Producer:Adam Robitel
    Cast:Lin Shaye, Lee Wannell, Angus Sampson, Kirk Acevedo, Caitlin Gerard

    The horror-franchise ends without cutting the bar. The psychic Alice Rainer this time meets with monsters from his own past, which more fully reveals her character. It is nice that the fourth part was tied to the first one, Alice’s parents showed up and they added personal drama to the Astral. Atmospheric, tense moments, the connection of reality with the otherworldly - all this fourth "Astral" has not lost.


    Br-rr, there the teeth of the adder are gnawed by teeth ...

    Producer:Rustam Mosafir
    Cast:Alexey Faddeev, Vitaly Kravchenko, Alexander Kuznetsov, Alexander Patsevich, Yury Tsurilo

    "Scythian" began his rolling story, disappointing many viewers. The Ministry of Culture literally one day before the premiere suffered a long-awaited film at the beginning of February.This is not about the "Skiff", but about the second part of the charming picture about Paddington Bear. The reason for this transfer is directly to Skif, or rather, in an effort to reduce competition to Russian paintings coming out on January 18.
    Well, "Skiff" - a bloodthirsty fantasy, filmed for 150 million rubles.

    "Bag without bottom"

    Visually beautiful film for fans of a difficult movie.

    Producer:Rustam Khamdamov
    Cast:Svetlana Nemoliaeva, Sergey Koltakov, Elena Morozova, Anna Mikhalkova,
    Alla Demidova, Andrey Kuzichev, Kirill Pletnev, Evgeny Tkachuk

    "Sack without a bottom" is the film from which it is possible to leave, bored with black and white images, vague plot and characters, which are not clear why are needed, such as performing gymnastics mushrooms. But surely someone will stay and enjoy, appreciating the magic light flashes, the fluctuations and magic of this film, based on Akutagawa's Ryunosuke's B In More story. True, Samurai Khamdamov turned into a Russian tsarevich. And with him there is a princess resembling a swan princess from Vrubel, and around them is the reality of the mystical Russian forest.

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