• First sex with a virgin

    Sex with a virgin for the first time.

    Nowadays, virginity is an outdated and slightly old-fashioned formality. You may think that now absolutely all girls are not virgins. However, you are mistaken. Many girls, from about 20 to 30 years old - virgins. If you meet a girl who has not lost her hymen yet and she thinks that you are the only one to whom she can give what she will lose for always, do not forget, she knows what to expect. Maybe the stories of friends, maybe the articles on the Internet, it does not matter. The main thing she expects pain in the deprivation of innocence. We will understandhow is the first time having sex with a virginso that she remembers these pleasant moments of a lifetime from the positive side.

    First sex with a virgin

    Whenfirst sex with a virgin, in bed an innocent girl will always be nervous. Regardless of the situation. And your main task is to reduce stress. I hope the following tips will help you a lot in life.After all, your partner - a virgin should not experience any stress or feel constrained. So the first sex should be special for her.


    So, the most important, but not the last - avoid ultimatums.

    First sex with a virgin

    To begin with, no one likes to be under pressure. Especially in bed. You must let her know that you are ready to go to the next level and that you absolutely do not care about her body. Innocent girls under the age of 25 or 30 years old are not amenable to pressure and she can say no to you! Once she is a virgin, then succeeded in denying the male sex. Also, if she is the most innocent, it means she was waiting for something special with which it would not be a pity to lose forever this old-fashioned status. The pressure will only make you feel cornered, which you absolutely do not need. So how is the first time having sex with a virgin girl? Read on and ponder. This is sure to be useful to you.


    In your bed everything should be under your control.

    First sex with a virgin

    Remember that the most experienced of you is you. Behave with confidence and do not let your girlfriend doubt you.Let your whole mind understand that you know how the first sex with a virgin girl should take place. Women love when a man is in command in the bedroom and it doesn't matter that she sets the pace. She can scream enthusiastically, ask you to patronize her, but that does not mean she's completely ready. Expert - you. And you must make sure that she can completely trust you. You can also bring it to the maximum excitement (in other words, to maximum humidity) before you enter it. Bring the girl to orgasm for the first time will not work, but in the future everything is possible. After all, she will remember about this first sex all her life. And you want her to remember her first sex with a cheeky smile, and not with twisting her legs and remembering how much pain you caused her.


    Wait until she relax - first sex with a virgin.



    For her, this is the first sex.And from strong experiences you will not get to anywhere. You must remove this alarm from her. Follow the following rules and this stage you will be successful.


    Let the virgin understand that she is beautiful in bed and her body is excitingly attractive, even if she knows about it.These methods always have a positive effect.


    Try to excite the girl as much as possible. Do not spare the time for kissing, there you tell her that you need it, and her body. Try to talk as much as possible with her, while touching her body. Find out what she would like to try and what should not be done. It all seems one-way. But now all the attention should attract what she gets, and not what you get from her. She must understand this and thus you will help her to relax.


    First sex with a virgin - the next step is excitement.

    First sex with a virgin

    Have sex with a girl and not excite her? I think this is a mockery. Of course, this is useful sex advice. After all, most often this aspect of the first sex is not provided. You want her in a heated form that she screamed and spewed lust. You also want that it would remain so until the very end of the act. Unfortunately, many guys or men knock down the whole mood before starting this. She is deliberately aware of the pain you cause her. You can relax, she knows what to expect and is absolutely not going to accelerate you in this.Slowly enter her, not forgetting to kiss her. This will help relieve tension and reduce its sensitivity to pain. Do not forget,first sex with a virginshould be on top.


    Also, you should not forget that to stay.



    Sex with an innocent girl is a crucial step for her. After all, she is deprived of something that she will not have more and rejecting sex does not mean that you are not suitable for it. This may mean that she is not yet ready to make such an important decision. There are also such girls who are already sexually predisposed to this and she is ready to put up with the loss of virginity right now. But, if you look from the other side, she may need more confidence in you. After all, as we remember, you are her first teacher. Or maybe she needs confidence that you will wait when she can take one of the most crucial steps in her life. Being ready to stop and take a small step back is the main evidence that a girl most often needs. This may be enough to continue the unforgettable way to the loss of virginity and sexuality.Well, if you are a virgin, then be doubly gentler and more careful. Let this unforgettable act take place somewhere in a romantic setting, rather than in the doorway of some house. Let yourfirst sex with a virginIt will be magical, not vulgar.

    Just do not forget that since the first sex, you and your girlfriend began a relationship. Not a minute later, not a minute earlier.

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