• Fashion size plus: how to dress stylishly

    It is not so difficult to dress fashionably and topically, having an ideal figure in all parameters. An elementary sense of taste is quite enough for the result of a fashion experiment to be 100% successful! But what about girls whose figures do not quite meet the generally accepted canons of the model world and glossy magazines? What clothes to choose fashionable women with appetizing forms? Woman’s Day decided to study this issue on the example of ten fashion bloggers.
    Fashionable clothes for obese women
    Photo: gabifresh.com

    Gaby gregg

    New York City blogger Gaby Gregg loves to experiment with style and prefers to ignore fashionable rules. Fresh look, original ideas and non-standard combinations - her strong point! Well, apparently, the thoughts of Gaby are much to their liking, because only on Instagram a girl has over 300 thousand subscribers! One of her latest looks perfectly characterizes the style of a fashionista: a black jumpsuit with wide trousers is advantageously combined with a bright cape, the vertical dynamics of which, in combination with the correctly chosen shoes, slims and visually pulls the silhouette.

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