• Fabric shawl

    You will need:

    • crepe de Chine size 95 X 95 cm;
    • frame or frame size 95 X 95 cm;
    • push buttons;
    • plain pencil;
    • tracing paper 90 x 90 cm;
    • black felt-tip pen;
    • silk dyes;
    • Reservation lineup
    • for drawing the outline of a drawing (reserve);
    • glass tube;
    • squirrel brushes of different sizes;
    • pins; paint containers;
    • gasoline;
    • cotton wool;
    • reserving composition: black and beige;
    • dyes: black, blue-gray, turquoise, red, blue, brown, gold, green.

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    After stretching the fabric and making a tip of the picture, start with painting the flowers and leaves.They sign in two or three colors. This is necessary so that in case of a defect in the work (the paint will flow through the on-vodka, or the aiming itself is done poorly), it was possible to draw a reserve the outline of a leaf or other part and hide the flaws in this way.

    Now paint over all light (ocher) surfaces. Light and complex parts are always painted primarily because the background is usually darker and will block the bright spot in the case of a streamer.

    Next, close the color between the flowers between the flowers and the basket. Try not to carry paint brushes over them. Paint the plane under the basket handle and everything that is located

    The large plane under the basket is painted in two colors. In fact, it is the same color, only in one jar it is more concentrated, and in the other - once and then, as it were, inject dark paint and draw current to the next bright spot.

    Gradually paint all the planes in the direction from the center to the edge. Last, make a border.

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