• Embroider on knitwear is very simple!

    Embroidery is not only a decoration of clothing, but it is another one of the fascinating types of needlework. Embroidery has long been very popular and every girl must have been able to sew and embroider. Nowadays, ready-made kits for embroidery are sold, and on the Internet you can easily learn how to embroider in various master classes.New knitted items or already old knitted items can be refreshed with new embroidery with your own hands.

    We also decided to show you the main seams for embroidery on knitted things. If desired, any needlewoman can easily master any seam, and if there is a fantasy, then it will be able to make a beautiful composition. You can use not only threads and yarn for embroidery, you can also make embroidery with ribbons, beads, sequins, glass beads.

    If you have never embroidered in your life, it is better to try on a sample, then do it on clothes.

    So that your embroidery does not spoil the thing, it is better to use threads that are not lazy.
    Such simple patterns can be embroidered on any clothes.If you pick bright threads, it will look more impressive. You can add beads or rhinestones to them.

    Embroidery can decorate any clothes: men's, women's and children's. As well as other knitted things: bags, purses, covers for phones and tablets.

    It will look very beautiful flower embroidered with iris style "Rococo". Below is a master class in which you can see the whole process of embroidery step by step. This cute little cat can be embroidered on children's clothes.

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