• Elephant made of paper

    Ask any child: "Which animal has big ears and a long nose?" Each kid will tell you that it's an elephant. It would seem from whence such fame in an animal that can only be seen alive in a circus. Perhaps the answer must be sought in its huge size and good character. Therefore, many kids love elephants very much and dream that they are presented with a soft elephant. Children who like to make crafts, will gladly accept your idea of ​​creating an elephant from paper. The process of making this animal in the origami technique is shown in our workshop.
    Paper elephant
    To create an elephant, prepare:
    • - a sheet of pink paper;
    • - ruler;
    • - a simple pencil;
    • - a black felt-tip pen;
    • - a glue pencil;
    • - pink felt-tip pen;
    • - scissors.

    Making an elephant from paper

    Elephant of paper
    Our elephant will be made of two square sheets of paper. To create a torso, we need a square with a side of 12 cm,and to make the head of our animal, we take a pink square with a side of 7.5 cm.

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