• Easy Cake for dessert

    Easy Cake for dessert- a recipe.


    1. 0.5 liters of sour cream;
    2. 1 cup of sugar;
    3. 1 sachet of gelatin (25 g);
    4. 0.5 glass of cold water;
    5. 300 grams of sponge cake;
    6. strawberry;
    7. Kiwi.


    You can buy sponge cake ready or bake it yourself.

    To begin with, fill the gelatin with water and leave it to swell. While we are preparing the remaining components, it will just swell.

    We'll wash the fruits, clean and cut them. Biscuit cut into small pieces. Sour cream mixed with sugar and beater mixer.

    The swollen gelatin is heated in a water bath, not boiling. And pour in sour cream, stir. Wrap the deep dishes with cling film.

    Put some berries on the bottom. Put biscuit pieces on top. Pour cream. And then lay the layers.   Above we will also cover the film and put it in the fridge. Three hours later, the cake is ready.

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