• Dreams come true for merry - a selection of jokes to help!

    According to statistics, about 90% of people are dissatisfied with their work, but only serve duty, winding up daily duties. There is a suggestion: stop yawning and drinking a third cup of coffee in the hope that the work will resolve itself. February 27, for a moment, is the Day of Unusual Decisions! What about creativity?


    Photo source: pixabay.com

    We, of course, do not know how to conjure, so that the work is done on its own, and, alas, it will not escape into the forest either. Well, the previously unknown uncle from America is unlikely to leave you a legacy ... Let's think about the real.

    How about arranging a competition with yourself? If you have time to complete a day's work in half a day, you will fulfill your wish in the evening. To fill a tattoo? Kiss an unfamiliar girl / guy in a bar? Make a creative haircut? Huge scope for your imagination!

    For now - we are adjusted on jerk.

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