• Dog dreams

    Dog dreamsDuring sleep, the dog can see dog dreams, which can be seen from the movements of the ears, eyeballs, certain muscle groups, screaming and trying to bark in a dream.


    Hypnosis is a state of the cerebral cortex, when inhibition covers almost the entire cerebral cortex, and only one part of the cortex is awake. The presence of such a “duty station” also leads to the fact that during hypnosis any one activity can be accurately performed, while the organism itself will be immersed in sleepy inhibition.


    Hypnotic sleep in animals manifests itself in the form of immobilization, fading in danger - the so-called animal hypnosis, which developed in the process of evolution as an adaptive reaction - a “self-preserved reflex”.


    In addition to the considered physiological and hypnotic dreams, dreams are also pathological and narcotic. As a result of inhibition caused by pathogenic factors, pathological sleep occurs, it includes lethargic sleep, which is characterized by a decrease in body temperature, a decrease in the frequency of respiratory movements and heartbeat.This form of sleep occurs with hysteria, general exhaustion and as a result of very strong emotional turmoil. The mechanism of this dream is reduced to the development of supreme inhibition of the cortex and subcortex as a result of exhaustion of the nervous system. Narcotic sleep takes place under the influence of narcotic substances. After the protective role of sleepy "behavior" was clarified, various nervous and vegetative diseases, for example, epilepsy in dogs, began to be treated by sleep. To this end, sleep is caused by various kinds of hypnotics.


    Thus, a dream in its external expression is a state of behavior that is the opposite of being awake. However, it is not inactive, but an active state, during which the transition of wakefulness to another mode occurs.


    The latest neurophysiology data on the prerequisites for sleep has shown that it occurs due to fatigue and accumulation of substances called hypnotoxins, and during sleep the restoration of the energy resources expended during wakefulness.


    Any dog ​​dreams and their types (physiological, hypnotic,pathological and narcotic) have common features in terms of external expression and end result, and the nervous activity of the animal "isolates" from the external world those irritations that have significance for the animal. It balances the influence of the environment, actively adapts to the conditions of life and at the same time regulates the functions.

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