• Diet nursing mothers in the first month

    You have been taking care of the baby inside you for 9 months and finally you have waited for your little miracle! It would seem that everything ... now it's time to take care of yourself. But it was not there, now you are wondering how to eat properly in the first month after birth, so that the milk for the baby is good. Because it is important to know what constitutes a diet of a nursing mother in the first month after birth.

    Rules of nutrition nursing mom

    The basic rules of nutrition that every mother should follow in the first month after birth:

    1. Keep a food diary. Write down what you ate today. It is better that in the first days each product is introduced into the diet separately, so you can track the child's reaction. By the way, the reaction may appear not from the first, but from the second time.
    2. Clearly remember, no alcohol during this period!
    3. If a nursing mother needs to take any medications, then she must consult a pediatrician. If drugs are taken during pregnancy, the placenta can somehow protect the child, but now there is no barrier.
    4. Doctors recommend not to use allergenic products and those that cause intestinal problems. They are smoked meats, mayonnaise, ketchup, soda, grapes, cabbage, caviar, chocolate, semolina, pumpkin, tomatoes, strawberries, bananas, oranges and kiwi.
    5. Fresh fruits and vegetables are simply required to be present in the diet of the nursing mother in the first month after delivery. On the day, their number will be about 1 kg.
    6. Bread buy rye flour, and not wheat. Limit yourself to sweets, cakes and buns.

    Most nutritional restrictions depend on the allergic reactions of the child. In general, the nutrition of a nursing mother in the first month should be complete and good, because it affects the development of the baby. The lack of vitamins in the diet of a nursing mother will have a bad effect on the child, the lack of trace elements, minerals, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, as well as enormous harm will bring alcohol, nicotine and harmful food additives.

    Nursing Mother's Diet: The Basis

    The body of each woman is individual, everyone has their own intestinal microflora, immune system, so there is no identical diet for nursing mothers. But there are some recommendations on the diet of a nursing mother in the first month:

    The first 2 days:

    • buckwheat on the water
    • bread or dried cereal bread,
    • a little bit of cheese,
    • boiled beef,
    • drink up to 2 liters of fluid per day.

    Diet for a nursing mother 3-6 days: all previous products, as well as:

    • vegetable soups with a small amount of potatoes,
    • steamed or baked vegetables,
    • cereal cereal,
    • as a food additive are useful bran,
    • 1 cup of ryazhenka, milk or yogurt,
    • weak compote
    • drink up to 1 liter of fluid per day, because at this time there is a surge of milk.

    Diet for a nursing mother 7-20 days: all previous products, as well as:

    • millet porridge,
    • boiled fish
    • beef broth,
    • rice,
    • cottage cheese,
    • green apples
    • allowed infusion of parsley or yarrow, if necessary,
    • drink up to 2-2.5 liters of fluid per day.

    Diet after 21 days: all previous products, as well as:

    • oatmeal,
    • eggs,
    • boiled chicken,
    • baked potatoes
    • beet,
    • from fruit: pears and lemon,
    • soy products
    • cracker,
    • morsy.

    By 21 days, there are more permitted products, since it is at this time that the intestines of the child’s intestinal flora are finally colonized.

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