• Diet for weight gain

    It so happened that at the word diet, we usually think about weight loss and dietary restrictions. But there is also a diet for weight gain. After all, a diet is just a special way of feeding and it can help those who want to gain weight and those who want to lose it. There are various reasons why people need to gain weight - to regain health, with a lack of weight, to play sports, and many actors gain weight to gain roles.

    What is a diet for weight gain

    What is a diet for weight gain is a high-calorie diet, in portions of normal volume distributed throughout the day. In fact, this is a normal food with high calorie. If there is a round-the-clock fatty and sweet flour, then it will affect not only weight, but also the health of the stomach. The basis of the diet for weight gain is protein - meat and dairy products. It helps to gain not fat, but muscle mass. This is especially relevant for athletes.

    Diet to gain weight - the menu

    Here is a sample diet menu for weight gain. Food intake here is not 3, but 5, so food is easier to digest, in each meal there is a high-calorie food. In addition to the main meals, snacks are allowed.The longer you do not sleep, the more energy your body consumes, respectively, if you sit up at night and get hungry, you can eat a piece of meat, a sandwich with butter and cheese, or drink a glass of milk with honey.

    • For breakfast, be sure to eat porridge, boiled in milk, with sugar and butter, dried fruits, nuts and / or honey are also added there. In addition to porridge sandwich with butter and cheese or sausage. It is better to drink cocoa, sweet tea or coffee with milk or cream.
    • A second breakfast is added (lunch) - it can be light, but again high in calories. Choose sweet yoghurt, be sure to eat sandwiches with butter, you can drink sweet fruit juice (especially pay attention to banana) and milk. If you prefer flakes or muesli, choose sweet ones and add dried fruits and milk to them.
    • At lunch, be sure to eat meat soup (soup, borscht, pea), add cheese to the pasta, dress the salad with mayonnaise or sour cream instead of butter. You can afford fried patties or fish, as well as dessert, but do not overdo it with fat. At the third drink a glass of juice, compote or sweet tea.
    • Tea time, a diet for weight gain provides for a rather light: milk with biscuits,or a fruit salad with bananas and yogurt (the other ingredients are yours) or a vegetable salad with cheese and mayonnaise or sour cream (as an option - cheese sauce).
    • Dinner should not be very dense, if you fill up for the night, the body can not cope with the load and turns the calories not into muscle mass, but into fat. So for dinner, eat a sweet porridge with milk with candied fruit or jam and a sandwich with butter and cheese or sausage, or an omelet with cheese, ham and tomatoes, or rice with goulash and a bun, you can drink sweet tea, juice, compote and milk with honey .

    How to go on a diet to gain weight

    If you are not yet ready to completely switch to such a diet, start gradually increasing the calorie content of your usual food - eat more meat, milk and dairy products, add cheese or avocado to ordinary salads and sandwiches, fill them with butter or sour cream or mayonnaise. Drink sweet tea with sugar or honey, and add milk or cream to coffee. Eat bananas and chocolate.

    What to do if the diet does not help

    If such a diet does not help to gain weight, you should consult a doctor and find out what the reasons. Weight loss can be a consequence of hyperfunction of the thyroid gland, the presence of parasites in the body, or just a psychological problem,in this case, the diet should be used after eliminating the original cause of thinness.

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