• Designer Jewelry

    Designer - a welcome gift for beautiful ladies. High style, premium quality and compliance with the latest fashion trends distinguish such products from all others. But they say that designer jewelry has a soul. Creating them, the master of the business puts in them a part of his own individuality, breathes life into them. And the energy of such jewelry fascinates and conquers.

    What is the difference between designer jewelry and all others?

    The jewelry created by designers has many advantages:

    1. Individuality. As a rule, such products are made in a single copy. Serial release, however, is also possible, but the circulation is limited to a small number of units. Therefore, the risk of meeting a lady with a set of jewelry identical to yours at a social events is reduced to a minimum.
    2. Compliance with quality standards. Jewelry designers value their reputation and are unwilling to lose their customers.Therefore, they create high-quality jewelry that can satisfy the needs of the sophisticated public.
    3. Following the latest fashion trends. Designers are aware of jewelry trends, therefore, buying a product from the latest collection, you will certainly create a fashionable image with it.

    Designer Jewelry

    Putting on designer jewelry and complementing their outfit, the woman is transformed. Such a piece of jewelry - the final touch, not only giving the image completeness, but also adding shine to the eyes and confidence of posture and gait. Choosing designer jewelry, you are doomed to shine in society.

    What are some designer jewelry

    Today, jewelry designers offer their clients diverse solutions. This is a restrained classic, and unexpected, surprising trends.

    In shops and boutiques you can find necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings, sets of ornaments. Ornaments for hair and body are also made, and for men - separate collections, including chains, bracelets, signets, cufflinks. The choice is wide. The decision remains for the client.

    Designer jewelry is made of gold, silver, platinum.They may have inserts made of semi-precious or precious stones. Designers in their work appeal to natural stones, from which they create works of art.

    Designer Jewelry

    The latest trend of 2016 is also interesting - the use of “frames” for precious or semi-precious stones from base metals and alloys. Plastics are also becoming an addition to expensive stones, and such products look interesting, unusual and bold. Genuine leather is also in fashion, the inserts from which transform the usual bracelets or necklaces.

    Truly, today, if you wish, you will find the only decoration with which your image will become complete and expensive. The imagination of designers is boundless, and its embodiments are many-sided.

    How to wear designer jewelry? Stylist tips

    With regard to designer jewelry, stylists make the following recommendations:

    • Remember to match the created image of the place and time. For an ensemble of business clothes, massive ornaments with precious stones are inappropriate, and ultramodern variants of bracelets and necklaces with plastic and leather inserts are not suitable for the evening image.In the first case, choose classic bracelets, rings and chains, and in the second, give preference to expensive and artsy things.
    • Do not overload your image with details. Remember that jewelry is accents that attract the attention of others. And designer jewelry is not just accents, but bright accents. They are interesting, but in other cases they are elaborate, therefore the more unusual the selected necklace, the simpler the dress should be. And if there is a geometric print or a combination of colors on the dress, choose the decorations calm and subtle.

    Designer Jewelry

    • Observe the measure when choosing jewelry. A large number of them does not make the image rich and luxurious. On the contrary, it calls into question the sense of style. Even if you have purchased a set of designer products, for example, of four items, do not wear them all together. Choose only a bracelet and a necklace or a ring and earrings. If, however, you decide to dwell on three items from the kit, put the bracelet on your left hand and the ring on your right hand.

    These tips will allow you to look irresistible, emphasizing your own sense of style, correctly selected to the side along with jewelry.Stay on top by following them.

    And in conclusion, it should be said that designer jewelery is not necessarily worth a fortune. The price depends on the materials used in the creation of jewelry, the sonority of the name and skill of the fashion designer. But if you still get the jewelry you like at a fairly high price, then know that it is worth it. Such bright additions to the image allow a woman to feel like a goddess of style, just come off the cover of a glossy magazine.

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