• Delicious soup of dumplings in 30 minutes

    If you soon have lunch, and there is not enough time to prepare a full meal, you can cook a delicious soup made from frozen pelmeni. This will require simple products, a minimum of effort and about 30 minutes of free time. If you choose good quality dumplings, a tasty and quite substantial lunch is provided.


    All you need for cooking soup:
    • water - 2.5 l;
    • 500 g potatoes;
    • 1 onion;
    • carrots - 1 pc ;
    • dill, green onions;
    • dumplings - 400 g;
    • sunflower oil;
    • bay leaf, allspice.
    It is better to use small dumplings for the soup, Considering that they will increase in size during cooking.
    Delicious dumplings soup in 30 minutes

    Cooking dumplings soup

    1. We put water on the fire. 2. During the time until the water begins to boil the potatoes need to be peeled and cut into slices. Onions and carrots are also finely chopped (as forzazharki).
    Delicious dumplings soup in 30 minutes
    3. Preheat a couple of tablespoons of sunflower oil in a pan. 4. During this time the water boils. We put there potatoes and cook it for 10 minutes. 5. While the potatoes are still boiling, onions and carrots are browned until golden brown.
    Delicious ravioli soup in 30 minutes
    6. After the potatoes have boiled for 10 minutes, put salt, frying, bay leaf, pepper and dumplings in a saucepan.
    Delicious ravioli soup in 30 minutes
    7. All together we cook another 10 minutes (the cooking time depends on the size and degree of freezing of the dumplings and can be increased or decreased by several minutes.) The dumplings soup is ready - you can serve it to the table. Add chives and dill to each batch.

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