• Delicious and healthy goat cheese

    Almost all cheeses are very useful, but goat is perfectly digested and has a soft and delicate flavor, which is why it is so loved. And this product is really ready at home.

    Product Benefits

    Goat milk is very useful and has almost all the qualities of cow, but it is still different from him. The composition of the product includes many nutrients, including calcium, selenium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, protein, live lactic acid bacteria, as well as vitamins A, D, group B, and much more.

    Goat cheese is useful for joints and bones, increases brain activity, normalizes metabolic processes and positively affects the functioning of the nervous system, normalizes digestion and corrects the intestinal microflora, and strengthens the immune system.

    From cow's milk, goat is distinguished by its lower content of fat, milk protein of lactose, and also cholesterol. And this means that goat cheese is less calorie and can be considered a dietary product, does not cause undesirable reactions and is suitable even for allergies, and is also much better and faster absorbed. It is for such qualities that it is valued.

    How to make cheese yourself?

    How to cook real goat cheese at home? This is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance, and several options are discussed below.

    Option One

    To get homemade goat cheese with this recipe, you will need:

    • two liters of goat milk;
    • one medium-sized lemon;
    • salt;
    • optional your favorite spices.

    Process description:

    1. Milk pour into a saucepan, put it on a plate and almost immediately add salt, completely dissolving it. At this stage, you can add spices.
    2. Heat the milk so that it is hot, but not boiling. If you have a specialized kitchen thermometer, then achieve the optimum temperature, which should be about 85 degrees.
    3. Remove milk from the plate and after a couple of minutes pour in it freshly squeezed juice of one prepared lemon. Stir well. Almost immediately you will notice that the product began to ferment and split into two parts: cottage cheese light flakes and yellowish-clear whey.
    4. Fifteen minutes later, the separation will end, and you will need to shift the curd mass into a colander, pre-covering it with gauze folded several times.
    5. Put a colander in some container to allow the remaining liquid to drain.
    6. After about an hour, the curd should be well pressed.
    7. Fresh and tender cheese is ready, and the output should be about two hundred grams of this product.

    Option Two

    To get a delicious hard cheese with holes, you should prepare the following ingredients:

    • about three liters of quality goat's milk;
    • 900-1000 grams of cottage cheese (if you can get a goat, it will be great);
    • hl soda;
    • egg;
    • salt to your taste.


    1. Pour the milk into the saucepan and bring to a boil, then add the cottage cheese, lower the heat. Fry the mass for about twenty minutes, then remove from the plate.
    2. Put the curd mass in a colander, squeeze well to remove the remaining whey.
    3. Next, add soda, salt, and also a chicken egg, which will give a pleasant shade and become a kind of binding element.
    4. Now put the mass in some container and put it in a water bath. Tomite the composition after boiling water for at least fifteen minutes.
    5. Next, beat everything until homogeneous, wrap in food film and send for a day in the refrigerator.
    6. Cheese is ready, you can serve it.

    Option Three

    This recipe will make a very delicate cheese.

    The list of ingredients will be as follows:

    • 2 liters of goat milk;
    • two art. l. cottage cheese;
    • two art. l. sour cream (the fatter the better)
    • st. l. 6% vinegar (if the process of fermentation is too slow);
    • hl salt.


    1. Heat milk to 50 degrees.
    2. Pound cottage cheese with a small amount of cool milk and enter into the pan.
    3. Then add sour cream to the milk. At the same time, the composition should be actively stirred (all this time it will be on the stove, but the fire should be reduced to the minimum).
    4. Continue to stir the mass, keeping it on low heat. After a while (after about fifteen minutes) you will notice the formation of a clot. If the process has not begun, then use vinegar, which will start the fermentation.
    5. When the clot finally forms, flip it on a cloth covered with a cloth, cover with the same cloth and from above place the load.
    6. After an hour or two, the cheese will be ready. The longer you keep it under the yoke, the more dense it will become, so that to get a delicate texture, pressing time can be reduced to half an hour.

    Fourth option

    You can make a very delicate goat cheese, but its caloric content is quite high.

    These ingredients will be needed:

    • 2.5 liters of goat milk;
    • 500 grams of thick sour cream;
    • five or six eggs;
    • a couple of art. l. salt.


    1. Sour cream should be thoroughly beaten with eggs to get a homogeneous lush mass.
    2. Milk warm to 55-60 degrees, add salt, mix everything.
    3. In hot milk, quickly and actively stirring it, enter the egg-sour cream mixture.
    4. Continue stirring the compound, keeping it on low heat. When it practically boils, you should see a thick lump - a cheese clot. Remove it and put it in gauze rolled up in several layers. Tie the ends and hang the mass above the sink or some capacity to remove the remaining serum.
    5. Approximately at six o'clock, place the future cheese under the load, then send it to the fridge for a day so that the product will finally form and harden.

    Option Five

    Delicious and not fatty cheese can be made from goat's milk with the addition of kefir. Here's what you need for this:

    • liter of kefir;
    • 1.5 liters of goat milk;
    • 1.5 tsp. salt.


    1. Kefir should be slowly heated, then bring to a boil. Remove the resulting clots, and leave the serum for two days at room temperature.
    2. Next, heat the goat's milk and pour in the prepared whey. When the product starts to roll up, then it will be on the stove for another minute, and then removed. Bunches take out a noise, put it in cloth or gauze. Tie up the material, put it in a sieve for a few hours, or hang it to remove excess liquid.
    3. Squeeze out the cheese and serve.

    How to use homemade cheese?

    Home-made cheese is not only a tasty and useful product, but also a universal one, as it is possible to create a variety of culinary masterpieces based on it. So, you can add it to any hot dish of poultry or meat to create a pleasant, tender crust on the surface. Also goat cheese will be an excellent filling for pies, cakes, pies and other pastries. In addition, using this component, you can prepare a refined and almost dietary salad.

    Tip: cooked at home goat cheese will be a worthy substitute for any other, including expensive and exquisite, such as mozzarella.

    Be sure to try to cook a delicious goat cheese with your own hands, it will appeal to all relatives and guests.

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