• Deep moisturizing: face care against hot summer

    Summer, heat and dryness dehydrate our skin. What to do if on a trip to the beautician do not have time? We picked up moisturizers for the face in the hottest time of the year.
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    In our body there are about 8 liters of water, and at any time of the year we are vital to moisturize the skin. Sensitive, oily, dry or combination skin requires care.

    Dehydration of the skin in each type of skin occurs in different ways: dry and sensitive becomes sensitive and dull, begins to peel off, oily - becomes grayish and begins to release even more fat in the pores.

    Hydrating agents are selected to taste. It can be a mask, cream, serum, micellar or thermal water, lotion or tonic, peeling and any dehydrating agent.

    Important ingredients in moisturizers are:

    vitamin Ethat prevents skin aging,

    provitamin B5,providing hydration and nutrition

    raspberry, honey, aloe extract, castor oil and avocado oil, sweet almond oil and peanuts,butterjojoba- natural moisturizing ingredients

    liposomesthat penetrate the epidermis and add moisturizing and nourishing substances to skin cells, which ultimately returns skin smoothness, tone and energy,

    hyaluronic acidcreates a thin film on the skin that does not allow moisture to evaporate.

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