• Cosmonautics Day in kindergarten - ideas and options for scenarios. What games and contests should be included in the scenario of the Cosmonautics Day in the middle and preparatory group

    DKVDS-001Making up a matinee script for Cosmonautics Day in kindergarten should be very reasonable and balanced. For the youngest group, an easy and not too long version, designed in a game style, will suit. In the middle group it will be appropriate to have a cheerful holiday with songs, poems and contests in which children will demonstrate their ability for creativity and skill, as well as be able to win pleasant incentive prizes. For the preparatory group, a brighter program will be needed, containing a beautiful dance or thematic setting.But overly delaying the event and filling it with a large number of events is also not worth it. Otherwise, the celebration will turn out to be crumpled and will only tire the little participants and spectators.

    Celebration of the Day of Cosmonautics in the kindergarten - an interesting program for kids

    Cosmonautics Day in Russia is celebrated widely and magnificently, and, absolutely, at all levels. Even in kindergarten, a solemn program is being prepared, trying in such a simple and affordable way to acquaint children with important public holidays and instill in children pride in their strong, powerful and actively developing state.

    For the younger group, the light and not too long scenario of the matinee is chosen, since boys and girls of this age cannot sit still for a very long time and concentrate on any one event. To no one was bored, the program includes simple games and simple competitions, where the guys demonstrate their creative abilities and compete with each other in agility and speed.


    Simple games for the matinee on the occasion of Cosmonautics Day in the younger group of kindergarten

    • "Gagarin in orbit"- fun, active game, perfect for kids. For carrying out, children gather in the center of the hall and join hands. The tutor appoints one of the children as the main character - Gagarin. This player becomes the center of the circle and waits for the signal. When the music turns on, the children begin to dance and from time to time raise their hands up to form aisles. The task of “Gagarin” is to seize the moment and break out of the circle, that is, fly “beyond the orbit”. If this can be done while one verse of the song sounds, “Gagarin” becomes the winner and gets a tasty prize. If not, another child is chosen for the role of the first cosmonaut and everything repeats from the beginning.
    • "Aliens and Earthlings"- a game built on associations. For her, the group is divided into two teams. One represents aliens, the other inhabitants of the Earth. At a signal from the leader, one of the members of the earthman team fails and tries to show with gestures what is happening to him (stomach aches, I want to eat candy, do exercises, etc.). The task of the aliens is to correctly guess what the earthman needs and provide the necessary help (to give a large pill so that the stomach does not hurt, to give me candy, to offer to use sports equipment). The team that gives the maximum number of correct answers wins.
    • "Get a star from the sky"- game to attention. To implement it, the necessary equipment is prepared in advance, namely, the stars are cut from the cardboard (15-30 pieces), pasted with gold paper and hung around the room in accessible and prominent places. Kids are divided into teams (from 2 to 4) and offered to find and collect as many stars as possible for a certain time. The victory is awarded to those who managed to cope with the task faster than competitors.

    How to spend Cosmonautics Day in kindergarten - a scenario for the middle group


    For the Day of Astronautics, the middle group of the kindergarten needs a script containing not only poetic and song numbers, but also various creative assignments in which the children will be able to demonstrate their knowledge of the cosmos. It is appropriate to include in the program costumed mini-productions on the topic of interstellar flights, disembarkation to other planets and contact with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. The guys will be happy to take part in such scenes and try on the role of aliens, robots or astronauts. To make the presentation look bright and colorful, children will definitely need themed costumes.Parents will be able to make them at home with their own hands or to rent at the agency for organizing events.

    In addition, the competition program, both individual and team ones, should be included in the presentation program. This pleasantly diversifies the scenario of the event and will give children the opportunity to win pleasant and tasty incentive prizes.


    Contests for the scenario of Cosmonautics Day in the middle group of kindergarten

    • "Create your rocket"- this competition will allow to show imagination and painting skills. At least two participants are required for performance. They are summoned to the scene, they are handed a sheet of paper and a set of colored pencils, and then they offer to draw a space rocket in one minute. The winner is the one who will have time to invest in the allotted time and make the most successful drawing. If there is a desire to complicate the task, it is appropriate to offer the kids to come up with their own design of the rocket or to depict the most original aircraft. With this option, the winner will be determined by the jury or the audience present at the festival.
    • "Take the astronaut home"- a fun and simple competition for agility and speed, contributing to the development of fine motor skills in children. To participate, all the guys are summoned to the scene and handed each one a long string, to one of the ends of which a toy is tied - an astronaut in a spacesuit. At a signal leading to the clockwork music, the children begin to wind the rope into a ball. The one who copes with the task first and returns his astronaut home, will be the winner.
    • "Flight to Mars"- team competition for speed and attention. To implement it, they take two sheets of drawing paper and draw a spaceship with round windows on each of them (there should be exactly the same number as the participants in the team). Then the images are placed on the floor in one part of the hall, and next to put on the marker. On the contrary, near the wall, the guys are divided into teams and built in a row one after another. At a signal leading to the first child in each row runs to his drawing paper and a felt-tip pen draws in the porthole the face of an astronaut. The victory goes to the team that first filled its interstellar ship with passengers.

    An interesting and informative day of cosmonautics in kindergarten - a scenario for the preparatory group


    Boys and girls attending the preparatory group of the kindergarten are already able to perceive cognitive information. For them, the scenario of the Day of Astronautics should not be limited to only entertainment rooms. It is appropriate to include in the program something like a quiz, where the guys can answer simple questions about space and tell why the profession of an astronaut is considered so prestigious and respected. It is better to insert this conversation into the very beginning of the performance, when a welcome song will be sounded, and the presenter (educator or animator) will say the opening word.

    After a serious discussion on the space theme, it will be appropriate to have some kind of mobile entertainment, for example, a beautiful dance in thematic costumes. His performance will have to take care of a kindergarten music worker or one of the parents who have an idea of ​​rhythm and harmony. The main idea of ​​the room can be the structure of our Universe. To participate in such an unusual action will need all the children of the group. Those who dance best and who are well kept in public will fit the roles of soloists - the planets inhabiting the solar system.Children who are shy of intent attention will become a dancer - meteorites, comets and distant stars. Melodic accompaniment will be performed by a tutor who plays the piano or accordion well. Or you can simply download a suitable track from the Internet and play it on any of the modern gadgets to which powerful sound speakers are connected.

    The declamation of poems, solving riddles, thematic scenes, games and contests - all this is also quite suitable for the matinee program. However, glutting the presentation is not worth it. Preschoolers are not yet ready for too much diverse information and at some point may simply lose the thread of what is happening. Therefore, you should not be sprayed, trying to "shove" into the format of the event all the entertainment options that are appropriate in kindergarten. It is better to choose 3-4 directions and concentrate on them, harmoniously alternating between each other cheerful, serious, intellectual, game and competitive numbers. Then the children will not get tired, and in their memory they will remain the maximum of useful and necessary information on the topic of the holiday.

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