• Corrugated Paper Lotus Flower

    It would seem, corrugated paper, what can be made of it? After all, it is quite soft, quickly deteriorates from moisture. And here and there, there is an opportunity to make a lot of interesting and beautiful things out of this paper.
     Lotus Flower made from crepe paper
    For example, to make such a flower you need: Material: - corrugated paper of two colors: green and orange. - wire. - a small piece of cotton wool. - reinforced sewing thread. Tools: - scissors. - tweezers. Creating a flower. 1 making petals. From a single sheet of corrugated orange paper, you should cut out rectangular parts measuring 3x5.5 cm each. For this flower, they will need 22 pieces.
     Lotus flower made from corrugated paper
    After that, every detail should be cut off the top corners,sharpening the middle.
     Lotus Flower made from corrugated paper
    But to make the core, you need to cut another rectangle with 6x8 cm sides.
    A lotus flower made of corrugated paper
    This element also needs to slightly trim the corners, but only a little.  Lotus flower made from corrugated paper
    Further from green corrugated paper you will need a detail with sides of 7x10 cm.
     Lotus flower made from corrugated paper
    Now the top long edge of this part needs to be cut with a zigzag line. 2 Assembling a flower. First you need to do eredinku flower. To do this, you need to take a wire and make a small ring on one end.
     Lotus flower made from corrugated paper
    Then this wire should put in the middle of a large orange rectangle andput a piece of cotton wool over the made ring. Next, you need to take the left rounded corner of the part, and stretching it in the middle, wrap the wire and cotton wool there.
    Lotus flower of corrugated paper
    Now you should repeat the same action with the second angle.
     Lotus Flower made from corrugated paper
    Then tightly pressing the additions made you need to carefully but firmly twist together the bottom edge of the rectangle.

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