• Cooking delicious mussels with your own hands

    Since ancient times, the sea has fed humanity with delicious and incredibly useful products, in its depths lies a huge variety of living creatures and plants, and fish and shrimp are far from its only “edible” inhabitants.

    Dozens of tender, healthy and incredibly tasty products suitable for humans, including mussels, can be distinguished among the universal variety of seafood. In our country, mussels, most often, are sold exclusively in frozen or canned form, with the exception of cities located in close proximity to the sea.

    Juicy and appetizing

    Of course, the most amazing and valuable meat is in fresh, only harvested, mollusks, however, in frozen or canned mussels you can find many useful things that are necessary for the human body.

    First of all, this seafood is valued for their low calorie content, 100 g of mussel meat contains only 50 kcal, which is quite convenient for women who constantly monitor their weight.

    In addition, this product is an impressive accumulation of high-quality protein, there are practically no carbohydrates, but there is a large amount of vitamins E and group B, polyunsaturated acids, as well as such important trace elements as magnesium, iodine, calcium.

    Mussels are a very valuable and useful product, they are also an incredibly delicious ingredient for culinary masterpieces, including pilaf, soups, salads, soufflé, stew and many other dishes. As you have probably understood, such a product should be urgently included in the weekly diet of your diet, if you have, of course, not done so far.

    How can you cook frozen mussels so that it turns out as tasty as if you got absolutely fresh food from the sea, just from the sea?

    Delicious delicacy

    The most important rule is this: you need to choose only high-quality mussels, which, if they were frozen, then only once. If you buy meat in seashells, make sure that they are all tightly closed, because otherwise, the shellfish is probably no longer suitable for consumption.

    If you buy pure clam meat,then pay attention to its appearance - it should be light yellow color, elastic and with a pleasant sea flavor, any light douche is the first sign of a poor-quality product.

    Remember that mussels in fresh form are not stored for a long time, as, in fact, and in cooked, but poisoning by them is one of the most difficult, that's why it is so important to take a responsible approach to the selection process.

    How to prepare mussels for cooking?

    In Spain love this dish

    First you need to determine exactly what to cook, as in some recipes only purified meat is used, and in some you may need a whole shell. If you need a cleaned shellfish, and you bought seashells, it's easiest to open them in a hot pan or drop them in boiling water for a couple of minutes.

    Remember that sand can accumulate inside the mollusk, which, if not thoroughly washed in the preparation process, will then creak unpleasantly on the teeth.

    When the meat is removed from the sink, it must be thoroughly washed and torn off the build-up formed by seaweed, which strengthens the mollusk to the sea stone.

    After the preparatory process is completed, you can proceed to the immediate cooking.Recipes for cooking delicious dishes from mussels are a huge variety, most importantly, remember that regardless of the recipe, they should not be too long to be heat treated, especially in those recipes where the mussel is the king of the dish.

    Recipe for a salad of summer mussels

    To prepare you will need:

    • mussels - 300 g;
    • cucumber - 2 pcs .;
    • egg - 2 pieces;
    • green onion - 20 g;
    • dill - 20 g;
    • mayonnaise, sea salt.

    If the mussels were slightly frozen, they must be thawed and boiled in salted boiling water for literally three minutes, and then thrown back to a colander and allowed to cool. Chicken eggs need to be boiled hard-boiled, cooled and cut into small cubes.

    Cucumbers and all greens are washed, cucumbers are cut into small cubes or strips and shipped in a container with eggs. Mussels do not need to be cut, but directly in this form we send to the total mass, chop the onion into rings, chop up parsley and fill all with mayonnaise to taste, add a little sea salt.

    Baked Mussels Recipe

    Many people are interested, but still, how to eat mussels in order to fully experience their incredible taste? Probably one of the most interesting and tasty options is baked mussels, and the most interest is to serve them directly in shells!

    Gourmet Dish

    This dish is perfect for the holiday table, harmonious, light and unforgettable. You can cook in several versions - bake the clam with cheese or serve with a special sauce, which is completely easy to cook. So, we will need:

    • mussels - 400 g;
    • hard cheese - 150 g;
    • Tomato - 2 pcs .;
    • garlic - 2 cloves;
    • butter - 40 g;
    • spices to taste.

    Wash mussels in shells, clean the sashes so that they are perfectly smooth, without growths, and then boil for 15 minutes, you can add some spices to the boiling water: bay leaf, peppercorns, salt.

    During this time, the sash folds will open, and those that still remain closed may be of dubious quality. Boiled clams must be divided into two parts, let them cool slightly, and then carefully separate the meat, which, subsequently, is folded back into the sink.

    Garlic with tomatoes must be crushed and mixed in a blender, spread the resulting mass in each shell, there we also report a piece of meat, and rub cheese on top. Ready-made shells are sent to the oven and baked at 180 ° for 20 minutes.

    Fried mussel recipe

    Sometimes you absolutely do not want to invent something complicated, this is where a simple recipe comes in handy, where mussels, in fact, are an independent dish. So, you will need:

    • mussels - 400 g;
    • onion - 2 pieces;
    • olive oil, spices for seafood, sea salt.

    Mussels must first be released from the sinks, if any, rinse thoroughly and set aside. Peel the onions from the shell, cut them into half rings and send them to roast over medium heat in a frying pan, pre-watered with olive oil.

    When the onions become golden, add the mussels, sprinkle with spices and salt, fry for another 5-7 minutes over medium heat, remove from the oven. Shellfish enough to insist another 5-10 minutes and they can be served.

    The best combination - mussels and white wine, which helps them to most clearly reveal the taste of the product, lemon juice or its mixture with olive oil and garlic can be very useful. This dish can also be served with boiled rice, fresh vegetables or potatoes.

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