• Construction of a glued timber house

    Building houses from logs and logs is gaining more and more popularity. Before choosing a tree as a working material, they try to imagine what matters they will face after finishing work. Construction of houses from turnkey glued timber has always raised many questions. About other building materials do not go as many myths and conjectures as about wood.

    The main reason for preferring to build wooden houses is the environmental friendliness of the material. The catch lies in the fact that for the human body safely treated wood. Without special treatment, a wooden house will become damp, with poor ventilation. In addition, fungus, rot spreads along the tree. To prevent this, use antiseptics, poisons against pests. The most effective means are wax mastics, linseed oil, as well as water-based antiseptics.

    Compliance with the technology of construction and care of a wooden house will extend the life. It only depends on whether the house will stand for 100 years without changes or it will turn black in 20 years. A pledge of durable wooden housing is a strict approach to the choice of wood. Matters wood moisture. If it is optimal, it will increase the strength of the building.

    The construction of a wooden house is attractive because of the speed of construction work. The box of the house is assembled from prefabricated elements on the construction sites. It takes about a month and a half. Another month takes finishing work, which is not as difficult as in a stone house. This happens under ideal conditions. Sometimes the time to build a house made of wood is delayed, because it is necessary to wait until the moisture disappears from the material.

    Often this happens when the building material is a rounded log. In this case, the construction freezes for a year and a half after the walls and roof have been erected. During this time shrinkage of the building occurs. Accelerate the construction can be, using glued timber to assemble the walls.

    A tree needs more care than a stone, but does not require any special actions.It is enough to inspect and treat surfaces from time to time. To protect against parasites should be used resistant protective equipment. It is desirable that they combine several functions at once. For example, they were both insecticides, flame retardants and antiseptics.

    After a quality construction, the wooden house will be warm. It is only necessary to exclude the possibility of blowing the walls, to make sure that the width of the joints of the crowns of the house is no more than the logs themselves.

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