• Colorful cover for tablet

    Today, most people can not imagine their lives without gadgets. The tablet has many advantages over other electronic devices and is a practically universal device. Buying branded accessories can fly into a pretty penny, and to protect the gadget from dust and mechanical damage is necessary. For those who consider standard cases and removable panels boring or uncomfortable, there is an excellent instruction for making a colorful cover for the tablet. This design provides all the features of the device and serves as a convenient stand for watching videos. Thanks to the detailed description to make such a case is very simple.

    IMPORTANT: the case on the photo is designed for Apple iPad. According to the formulas provided, you can design a case for any other model, simply substituting the necessary parameters.

    For the inside of the case you need a durable sheet of chipboard. Do not try to use ordinary, or even corrugated cardboard - the construction will not be strong and can bend at an unexpected moment.You can also use some other durable material, such as hard plastic, etc.

    From the selected material, five pieces of different size are cut out, as shown in the photo. In order not to confuse, the details are better numbered.

    Calculations for the base cover:

    • Part 1: (height + 12 mm) x (width)
    • Detail 2: (height + 12 mm) x (thickness)
    • Detail 3: (height + 12 mm) x (width + 6 mm)
    • Detail 4: (height + 12 mm) x (thickness)
    • Detail 5: (height + 12 mm) x (half width)

    You will also need about half a meter of fabric, from which you will need to cut three pieces, attaching to it the corresponding details of the base. The fabric can be chosen to your liking, and the cover will be really original!

    Parameters for fabric:

    • Slice 1: (height + 25 mm) x (76 mm + 2.5 * width + 2 * thickness)
    • Slice 2: (height + 25 mm) x (76 mm + 1.5 * width + 2 * thickness)
    • Slice 3: (height + 25 mm) x (width + 12 mm)

    Finally, you need to stock up on an elastic rubber band about 2.5 cm wide. You need to choose a strong enough gum so that it can securely fix the gadget. You can stay on the gum in white or black, because it is such a sell in many hardware stores. It is better not to take a gum thicker than 2.5 cm, but you can take a little thinner, if it is sufficiently elastic and durable,to secure the tablet.

    Parameters for gum:

    For iPad

    • 4 short to 10cm.
    • 1 long 28 cm.

    For any other tablets

    • 4 short to 10cm.
    • 1 long (tablet height + 3.8 cm)

    Now, after all the preparations, you can get to work. Four short pieces of gum should be put on the corners of a smaller piece of fabric and fasten. The ends of the gum should lie flat on the edges of the fabric.

    Then sew each piece of gum, placing the seam as close as possible to the edge of the fabric.

    Such a manipulation will allow more firmly fix the gum, and will not allow it to shift in the process of sewing.

    The corners of the gum should be cut off, but not too close so as not to touch the fabric.

    The part with the elastic band and the second largest piece are folded inward on the front side. The edges on the right should be aligned.

    Right along the edge of the seam is laid. Then the parts should be unfolded and laid on a flat surface.

    The largest piece of fabric is placed on this design face down and sewn on the right edge.

    From the seam must be set aside 5 cm and make the appropriate marks.

    A long piece of rubber is fastened between pieces of fabric so that the edges stick out from above and from below. To gum located strictly under the tags, you need to secure it with pins.

    Using the sewing machine, the long sides of the fabric are connected. The result should be a rectangular "bag", which is open only to the left, and is sewn from the other sides. The photo shows the position of the seams in yellow and the arrow indicates the position of the rubber.

    The bag is turned in such a way that the “brackets” are on top and the elastic is on the back.

    Next, you need to put on the textile part of the cover on the part number 1 of the solid base, so that it is under the "staples"

    Then several parallel seams are laid as close as possible to the edge of the base. It is important not to get a needle on the very hard chat- it can lead to damage!

    Part number 2 is placed in a fabric pocket and sewn in the same way.

    A row of stitches near part 2 is laid as close as possible.

    In the same way fixed parts of the base 3 and 4, after each seam is laid. After placing part 5 in the pocket, a few centimeters of loose fabric should remain at the end.

    To the edge looked neat, the end of the fabric is wrapped inside, wrapping a solid base.

    The other side is also wrapped to form a flat edge.

    The edges are neatly connected with a hidden seam.

    The cover is ready!

    You can try the cover on the tablet.

    The tablet is shoved in "staples" of rubber bands and covered from above.

    The lid is secured with an elastic band and the tablet is ready for shipping.

    To work on the tablet cover is easy to attach behind the tablet.

    A great feature of this case is the ability to set the tablet vertically to view the video. You just need to open the lid and set in the position as in the photo.

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