• Coffee and pineapple baskets

    Coffee and pineapple baskets
    Photo: Dmitry Bayrak / dbstudio
    Butter100 gramsWheat flour150 gramsCocoa powder2 tsp.Sugar1 tbsp.1 piecePineapple (pulp)125 gramsSugar (sugar)taste
    For cream
    Sugar5 tbsp.Butter100 gramsInstant coffee1 tbsp.1/3 stack
    • Servings:
    • Preparation time:10 minutes
    • Cooking time:60 minutes
    • Flow temperature:Room temperature
    • Processing Type:Baking
    • Kitchen:European
    • Occasion:Everyday
    • Season:year round

    Knead dough from butter, flour, cocoa, sugar and eggs. We cut circles, put them in molds, prick with a fork, bake for 10 minutes at 180 degrees. Cooled baskets filled with cream. Pineapple cut into small cubes, spread on top of the cream. Sugar crumble, sprinkle with pineapple. Serve dessert chilled. For the cream, bring the sugar with water and instant coffee to a boil and, without covering, boil and cool. Beat the butter until fluffy and at the same time gently pour in the coffee syrup.

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