• Cindy Crawford explained how to look gorgeous without makeup

    All her methods are not only available to supermodels.

    Following our Natalya Vodyanova, another supermodel decided on this: the fashion world legend, the incomparable Cindy Crawford laid out for the court her 3-odd million selfie subscribers, where she only captured herself awakened and even not yet getting out of bed. So, without a gram of makeup on the face. And this picture surprised everyone, we wrote the other day.

    The photo, which gathered several tens of thousands of likes, excited fans of beauty: how to look so gorgeous without any make-up, they ask questions in the comments. We cited several beauty recipes from a star in the same publication: an American is interested in, among other things, mesotherapy (a method of injecting a preparation containing the components for effective facial rejuvenation under the skin) and collagen injections (elimination of deep and fine wrinkles).Now we will reveal its secrets, which require minimal cash investments.

    This snapshot without makeup can beat in popularity carefully the photo cover of the gloss
    Photo: @cindycrawford

    Moreover, according to the star itself, the most important beauty secrets are the simplest. So, first of all, you need to know when it's time to wash your hair, and when you can walk around with greasy hair. "My head is always after training in the simulator, and before starting the exercises, I put a nourishing mask on my hair, especially on the tips, because the greasy tail in the gym does not bother anyone," she said in her own book 'Becoming Cindy' ( “Become Cindy”). Instead of expensive masks and face creams, Crawford uses ... a stiff brush that, without sparing himself, rubs his cheeks and forehead, which improves blood circulation. And before wiping with a towel after water procedures, she applies any moisturizing oil on herself - and not necessarily an elite one.

    And here is the main secret of a beautiful selfie without make-up - all revelations from the same book: “With age, I began to wake up with a swollen face, although I had not noticed such problems before. And then I removed from my diet all that it provokes.Favorite sushi now eat only with lemon, and not with soy sauce. And by the way, it's even tastier! ”

    And who, think about it, will now buy mascara, powder, lipstick and other things that a woman needs, if you can look so beautiful without any make-up?

    In the meantime, other models do not follow her example yet and continue to defile in the fashion weeks that are taking place this summer with a full parade.

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