• Church holiday November 18

    The wealthy and noble spouses Clitofont and Leucippia lived in the town of Yemes, Phoenician, for a long time were childless. Only after Leucippia believed in Christ and accepted Holy Baptism did she discover in her dream that she would give birth to a son who would become a true follower of Christ. The baby was named GALAKTIONOM. Parents raised him to the Christian faith and gave an excellent education. When Galaktion was 24 years old, his father decided to marry him on a beautiful and noble girl of Epistimia. Visiting the bride, Galaktion opened her faith to her, converted her to Christ and himself secretly baptized her. After that, they decided to devote themselves to monastic life. After leaving the city, they disappeared on Mount Public, where there were two secret monasteries, male and female, and for several years there were in works and prayers. One day Epistimia had a vision in a dream: she and Galaktion are standing in a marvelous palace in front of the Light King, and the king gives them golden crowns. At that time, pagans became aware of the existence of monasteries. A detachment was sent to seize the monks, but they managed to hide in the mountains. Only Galaktion did not want to run and stayed in the cell, reading the Holy Scriptures.When Epistimia saw that the warriors were leading a bound Galaction, she begged the abbess to let her go, because she wanted to take the torment for Christ along with her betrothed and teacher. The abbess with tears blessed her on the feat. The saints suffered severe torture with the name of Christ on their lips and were quartered.

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