• Choosing a shower booth

    The bathroom is a place in the house where all members of the family spend time without exception. Given that not every owner can afford several bathrooms, everyone has to use this place in turn. Indeed, the bathroom is a place for relaxation. She relieves fatigue accumulated during a difficult working day, and in the morning invigorates the household with a contrast shower. Today, people are increasingly facing a choice: what to install in their bathroom, a popular and modern shower stall, or a familiar bathroom?

    First of all, it’s worth finding out what is the secret of the popularity of showers?

    If you decide to purchase a shower, made of plastic, choose it so that later on its walls there will be no stains. You should also pay great attention to the bottom of the shower. The shower tray in the BT-market is made from quality materials and will last a long time.

    This means that the plastic must be matte or colored.

    By purchasing a shower, you save a lot of space in the bathroom.

    If your bathroom is not too large, you should, without hesitation, give preference to a shower cabin. Of course, rest in the bathroom is a pleasant pastime, however, in terms of size, the bathroom takes up twice as much space as the shower.

    When choosing a shower cabin, consider also your physique. Do not bother to measure the place you need for a shower. The cockpit for showering should not be chosen end-to-end, it should be more or less spacious. Consider also the movements that you make during washing. They should not be constrained by the space of the shower.

    When choosing a shower cabin, attend to the safety of being in it. Statistics recorded many cases of injury that occurred directly in the soul. Therefore, first of all, consider the material manufacturing booths. It is better that it was plastic, and it is extremely durable and environmentally friendly.

    The doors of the shower cubicle can be made of glass, but an important point is its calcination. Technologists claim that these doors are no less durable than the glass in cars.Also in the properties of this glass is safety from cuts. This means that if it is broken for any reason, then the fragments do not injure you, because their chips will be smooth. The 6 mm burnt glass has soundproofing properties. You can choose the design of your soul wings, they can be transparent, matte, decorated with a pattern or tinted.

    Be sure to install supports that can be adjusted under the cab, making the cab stable even on uneven floor surfaces. Shower cabins have a variety of functional solutions. There are a number of useful properties of showers, in addition to the banal taking a shower, which are not all aware of. Many modern showers are equipped with radios, which are tuned so that the sound of water does not drown out the melody of your favorite songs.

    An interesting option is a shower cabin equipped with a sauna. The roof is mounted on top in such a way that the steam does not leave the cabin space. Such a sauna can be compared to a Turkish bath. Here, the air humidity reaches one hundred percent, and the temperature of the steam does not exceed forty-five degrees.Sometimes the cabs are equipped with a special device for regulating the temperature of the steam. Scientists believe that such a shower warms the frozen human body much faster than the bathroom.

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