• Children's denim backpack

    In every home there are jeans that are no longer worn for one reason or another - for example, a child grew out of them, or tore; jeans are rubbed or their style went out of fashion. As a rule, these things are simply discarded. But from old jeans you can do a lot of necessary things, because denim is very durable. Modern designers come up with many ways to use unwanted jeans in everyday life - they make toys, wallets, pillows, bags, chair covers from them ... And I suggest making a children's backpack.
     Children's denim backpack The following materials will be needed for sewing a children's jeans backpack: - unnecessary jeans; - cord or rope; - big scissors; - small nail scissors;
    - blue sewing thread; - ruler;
    - pins; - safety pin. The order of sewing a backpack. 1. First you need to cut off from the leg jeans two pieces of 35 cm each.
     jeans two pieces
    2.Now you need to cut off the side seam on one side of each piece.
     cut the side seam
    3. Spread the pieces. You will get two jeans cloth. Trim them with scissors so that they are symmetrical.
    4. Cut off the belt of old jeans. Trim them so that they are the same length.
     Cut off old jeans from the belt
    4. Fold the cloth face up. Each loop will fold in half to make loops and enclose the sides between the denim panels (looped inward). Fasten the loops with stealth or sweep up with threads. This will be the basis of the backpack, and the loops will become loops into which the straps can then be pulled.
     will pull the straps
    5. Sew on the sewing machine the sides of the basis of the backpack and the bottom side.
     Stitch on a sewing machine
    6.Treat the edges on the sewing machine with the zigzag seam.  seam zigzag
    7. The top edge of the backpack tuck and stitch on a sewing machine.
     tuck and stitch
    8. Unscrew the backpack on the front side and straighten it.
     side straighten
    9. On the obverse side of the gate, make a small incision with nail scissors. Handle the resulting hole manually looped seam.
     make a small cut
    10. Take a colored cord and cut a length of 50 cm from it. Tie knots at the ends of the cord. Attach a safety pin to one end, use it to insert a cord into the gateway through the slotted hole.
     gateway through a slotted hole
    11. Now you need to make the straps to the backpack was comfortable to wear on the back. Take two pieces of cord 40 cm long each.Tie the cords tightly to the eyelets on the sides of the backpack.
     Tighten the string
    12. Tighten the lace at the top of the backpack and tie it to the bow.
     Tighten the lace
    Children's denim backpack ready. Attach a small toy-charm to it or decorate it with bright icons and present to your child. A favorite toy, a tasty sandwich, and sweets, and a bottle of juice or water will fit in the backpack. This small denim backpack will be suitable for taking it for a walk or a kindergarten. A backpack and schoolchildren will be useful - you can wear removable shoes, a sports uniform for physical education classes, and you can take with you on school trips around the city.
    Children's denim backpack

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