• Children's crafts for Easter

    We will do artwork, drawing and application. Usually, as a crafts for Easter with their own hands, children paint boiled eggs and make up of different compositions. But you can offer equally interesting options for work: for example, to create bright sun chicks that symbolize the miracle of the birth of a new life, and Easter, as you know,

    is a celebration of the greatest miracle for Christians.

    Well, so that even the smallest child can make crafts for Easter with their own hands, we will use affordable and non-standard techniques for making them.

    Kids crafts for Easter

    De Easter crafts for Easter

    So, you can draw a solar chicken with the help of ... ordinary potatoes.

    What you need for this:

    • potatoes medium-sized round shape;
    • knife;
    • tube with yellow paint;
    • capacity where paint will be poured;
    • dense white sheet paper;
    • cardboard blanks of bird legs and beaks;
    • widetassel;
    • glue;
    • toy eyes.
    Blanks for a picture

    Blanks for a picture


    Cut the potatoes in half.

    Pour the yellow paint into the prepared container, dip a half of the potatoes into it.

    Put the imprint on the white sheet - the body of the chicken is obtained.

     We print potatoes

    We print potatoes

    We let the paint dry, then we paste the prepared beak (orange triangle), the paws and the toy eyes.

     Here's what funny chicks get

    Here are some funny chicks that come out

    We paint the wings with a brush (just make a few strokes with yellow paint).

    Painted wings

    For drew wings

    Here is the chicken and was born!

    You can create an image of a chicken using applique. In order not to draw patterns, we will make blanks in the shape of hearts:

    Having folded in half a sheet of yellow paper, we cut out one more semicircle and one less.It will be the body and the head.

    From the same sheet in the same way, we cut out three small semi-different size - tail, wing and tuft.

    Also, cut out two identical hearts and from orange paper two sticks - legs and one more - beak. At the beak we immediately turn down the upper (rounded) part to make it easier to glue.

    It remains only to cut out semi-oval eyes from black paper and draw a white highlight of light into them (or cut it out of white paper and glue it).

    Paper blanks

    Paper blanks

    Putting our chicken: glue all the parts of the body (do not forget about the tuft), wing, tail and legs.

     Applique chick

    Applique chick

    To the head we glue eyes and beak. A semi-volume unusual application is obtained.

     Volumetric chicken

    Volumetric chicken

    If you glue the pieces of the body to each other without fixing them on the sheet paper, you get a chicken figure that you can use to decorate the interior.

    The chicken was big and bright

    The chicken turned out to be big and bright

    Not less interesting chicken figures can be made from a metal cork from a bottle.

    What you need:

    • cork ;
    • yellow feathers;
    • small toy eyes;
    • glue;
    • paper blanks: yellow circle (according to the diameter of the lid) - body , two yellow identical leaflets - wings, a small red rhombus - beak, two narrow red accordion folded strips - paws and two red bases of the lap .
     blanks for chicken

    blanks for chicken

    Putting the chicken: inside the cork we glue the yellow circle on which distributes the eyes and beak.

     Cork head

    Cork head

    On the reverse side, we fix paper yellow wings. We make a tuft of feathers.

    We glue the legs to the bottom.

     Very cute cork chick

    Very cute cork chick


    Original gift souvenirscan be made of fluffy pompons.

    For this you need:

    • large pom-poms of yellow or orange color;
    • a cardboard carriage from under the eggs;
    • toy eyes;
    • paint with a brush;
    • scissors;
    • red or dark orange two-sided colored paper;
    • glue.

    Getting started.

    From the carriage we cut two cells in which the eggs are fixed, while trying to make the top edge zigzag. We paint them in bright colors, let them dry.

    We cut out the diamond from the colored paper and add them in half - we get the beak.

    We paste the beak on the pompom, we fix the toy eyes above it.


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